Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse stimulant-free fat burning supplement

Trojan HorseTrojan Horse is stimulant-free fat burning supplement produced in America by Blackstone Labs. The company produces a number of other sports supplements and SpartanSuppz appears to be their chosen Australian marketing partner.

According to the product sales page at, Trojan Horse is their “new secret weapon” for tearing down the walls of stubborn fat. Much ado is also made about the work the company’s “chief science officer” has put into the creating a formula that burns away reserves of fat without resorting to the use of stimulants. Many weight loss products contain one of more stimulants, and some stimulants such as caffeine have been proven to get results, but not everyone tolerates stimulants well, so it is always nice to see a stimulant-free weight loss product.

The fact that the formulation does not contain any stimulants also makes it suitable for night time use. Most supplements must not be taken within five hours of bedtime, so this a departure from the norm. However, Trojan Horse is far from being the only supplement that is designed to work in such a way.

What is Trojan Horse and How Does it Work? 

Blackstone Labs say Trojan Horse works by using a cellular process called uncoupling that causes the body to use more energy than normal while creating ATP. The energy required for this is supposedly released from the body fat. Blackstone Labs go into some detail about how all of this is achieved, but although it is nice to see so much information about how the product works everything is presented in a technical manner that will be likely to go over most people’s heads. The strangest thing about this is the fact that the blend contains ingredients that are common to many other diet supplements and other manufacturers do not make the same (somewhat) exaggerated claims.

Key Ingredients

Trojan Horse is a pretty simple formulation that contains just four ingredients.

Each (8.3g) scoop of Trojan Horse provides:

  • Chromium Picolinate (200mcg): A popular diet supplement ingredient that is often used to lower insulin and fasting blood sugar levels in people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. The amount included here is deemed an effective dose, but it is unlikely to provide a significant amount of weight loss. Research suggests people who take chromium picolinate orally for 8 to 12 weeks may lose about 1.1 kg in weight.
  • Calcium Pyruvate (4000mg): A calcium providing ingredient. Research suggests a relationship between calcium and weight loss, but although supplements appear to offer some degree of benefit, calcium obtained from food is believed to have more value.
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract (750mg): Garcinia cambogia is a fruit that grows here in Australia and in some parts of Asia and Africa. The rind of the fruit contains a compound called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that has a good reputation for encouraging weight loss. This is believed to be achieved by HCA’s ability to speed up the metabolism and restrict that body’s ability to generate fresh stores of fat.
  • L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (500mg): A form of carnitine (amino acid). Supplementation with L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate is believed to boost performance levels and aid the growth of healthy muscle tissue.
Usage Instructions – One serving of Trojan Horse should be mixed with 300-400ml of water and taken on an empty stomach first thing every morning. A second dose is required before going to sleep, to encourage fat burning while sleeping.

Customer Feedback

We were unable to find any customer feedback for Trojan Horse fat burner.

Side Effects & Health Issues

The possibility of side effects is not mentioned in any of the marketing material, but even products that contain natural ingredients have the potential to be troublesome for some users because people do not always respond to ingredients in the same way. As a rule of thumb, people who have existing health condition or are taking medication should always get a doctor’s advice before using any brand of supplement. This advice is especially applicable to any woman who is pregnant or nursing a child.


Trojan Horse is sold without a manufacturer’s guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Looking at the ingredient list, Trojan Horse should have the ability to provide weight loss, but the lack of customer feedback is a little worrying. The fact that there is no money back guarantee is also disappointing and may be enough to make many customers think twice about buying and trying Trojan Horse as a weight loss aid.

Where To Buy Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse is available in lemon lime flavour and blackcurrant. Each tub provides 60 servings and costs USD$ 49.99 (AUD$ 69) when purchased from the manufacturer’s website. International shipping charges will further add to the cost of what is already quite an expensive product. However, it is also possible to buy Trojan Horse via SpartanSuppz for AUD$79.95, so this may be a slightly cheaper way to go. Alternatively, customers can buy from the SpartanSuppz eBay store. The price is usually the same, but free shipping is offered to all addresses in mainland Australia.

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