Purefit KETO Australia Review

Purefit KETO Review

Purefit KETOPurefit KETO is a diet pill that’s only available online.

It’s primarily aimed at dieters who are interested in forcing their body into a state of ketosis.

When this condition is achieved the body becomes so starved of glucose it has to fuel itself by burning fat instead.

No pills are required to reach this state. People following the Keto Diet achieve the same effect by switching to a diet that is ultra low in carbohydrate, but higher in fat.

However, some diet pill manufacturers have created formulations designed to make it easier to attain and maintain a state of ketosis by blocking carbohydrate absorption.

Unfortunately, from what we can see, Purefit KETO does not contain any carb blocking ingredients.

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Purefit KETO Benefits

  • Get into Ketosis Fast
  • Burn Fat for Energy
  • Lose Weight
  • Burn Fat in Trouble Areas
  • Better Brain Health
  • Faster Recovery from Exercise
  • Maintain Lean Muscle

Key Ingredients

A list of ingredients is not provided, but the official sales page states the formulation encourages ketosis because it contains Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).

This is one of three ketones that are produced in the body when blood glucose levels become too low. It’s also the most abundant because it makes up 78% of the ketones present in the blood. However, there are two forms of BHB:

  • D-BHB: The body produces this in high amounts and burns it for energy.
  • L-BHB: The body produces less of this and, although it is not a particularly good energy provider, it does assist the synthesis of fatty acids.

The company behind Purefit KETO claim when Purefit KETO is taken in supplement form it starts “processing in your body” resulting in extra energy.

Purefit KETO - Keto diet

The science seems shaky. If the body is obtaining enough extra energy in the form of BHB, how would this make it begin to convert fat to BHB? They also allege BHB can heighten “mental acuity”, but experts don’t recommend its use as a psychiatric aid.

However, the sites FAQs page suggests Purefit KETO does not contain BHB at all. In answer to the question, “What ingredients is Purefit KETO made from?” it states “This special serum is made from 2 key ingredients: Sanguinaria Canadensis and Zincum Muriaticum.

Combined, they are proven to safely correct moles and skin tags as well as other skin blemishes of all types.”

Also called bloodroot, Sanguinaria Canadensis is a plant that is sometimes used to trigger vomiting, empty the bowels and work in a few other ways that are unlikely to support weight loss. Zincum Muriaticum is an unapproved homoeopathic ingredient that is sometimes used as a treatment for constipation.

Purefit KETO Australia

Usage Instructions – The recommended dose is two capsules per day. That makes this an extremely expensive product to use because there are only 30 capsules per pot and, at a rate of two capsules per day, each pot will run dry after just 15 days of use.

Purefit KETO Customer Feedback

We were unable to find a reliable source of Purefit KETO customer reviews.

Purefit KETO Side Effects and Health Issues

People who use keto dieting techniques are often plagued with bad breath.

Other than that there is no way to be certain what the potential side effect of using this product might be (if any) because there are doubts about what the formulation actually contains.

If you are thinking of using this product, the only safe course of action would be to take the bottle along to a doctors appointment, let the doctor in question examine the label and then decide if it is safe for you to use.

Purchasing Options and Considerations

It’s only possible to buy Purefit KETO via the official website and it’s one of those annoying sites that does not provide any initial information about the cost of the product.

Site visitors are promised a free trial bottle of pills instead and have to provide all their contact details, including a telephone number, before they can proceed to the order page.

We initially thought this may be an autoship scam because they are often set-up in this way.

We were wrong about that because, after we provided some fake details and reached the order page, we discovered there is no free trial offer at all.

The pills were retailing at a cost of around $50 per bottle and shipping charges were added on top. That’s a lot of money to pay for a two-week supply of pills.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

This is a very expensive product sold without a money back guarantee.

There is no proof that it can do any of the things it’s supposed to do, there are doubts about what the product actually contains, and none of the ingredients mentioned on the site is likely to provide much help to anyone who is struggling to lose weight other than by the possible laxative effects provided by two of the ingredients the formulation may or may not contain.

We suggest avoiding this product and choosing a leading diet pill brand instead.

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