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Zephanol-HP Australia

Zephanol-HP Review Australia

Zephanol-HP is very much aimed at Australia with a dedicated Australian website, although there is also a more international website that targets both the US and the UK.

Its creators are keen to point out that Zephanol-HP is borne out of years or clinical research and clinical study – and they have now produced what they feel to be the the Ultimate Diet Pill.

The official website claims it to be the “diet pill to end all diet pills” – although I cannot work out wether this is positive statement or a lamentable one.

Market hype aside does Zephanol-HP work, is it safe to use and where to buy it – should you feel inclined to do so.

Manufacturers Claims

Claims to be able liquify fat (basically a fat burner) and has a testimonial list that is over 50,000.

There are four years of clinical study attached to their revolutionary diet pill capsule – with a basic diet and exercise plan it is possible to lose kilograms every week.

All this without having radically change your diet or lifestyle or cause starvation.

Whats In It – Ingredients

The official website does not exactly make the ingredient list easy to find – it is a few clicks away from the home page. Maybe the manufacturers would prefer potential customers to accept that Zephanol can burn fat and suppress appetite with drilling into the how’s and the why’s to deeply.

The full ingredients are : Chromium, Betaine & Gymnema Sylvestris, Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, L-Methionine and L-Carnitine. These ingredients are 100% natural and safe.


  • There is guarantee in place
  • There are testimonials on the official website.
  • A few of the ingredients have an association with weight loss.


* Very sales focused website without offering proof of their supposed clinical proof.
* The testimonials look a bit contrived.
* Can not be considered over and above what is on offer to the Australian marketplace.

Does Zephanol-HP Cause Side Effects

There should not be any serious side effects – all the ingredients are natural. Pregnant or nursing mothers are asked to avoid as are people with an existing illness or condition.

Does Zephanol Work – Is It Recommend

It has absolutely no clinical proof that the product actually works – the ingredients individually have been studies but not the specifica formula.

Extremely hard to recommend.

Zephanol Stockists – Where To Buy In Australia

Appears to be available only from the official website.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

If you are looking to use a fat burner Capsiplex is pretty hard to ignore. The chili diet pill is the biggest selling commercial diet pill in the UK and rapidly becoming the diet pill of choice in the United States.

Capsiplex has virtually created its own genre – and claims that you can burn around 280 per day using the product.

Capsiplex is available to buy without prescription and ships to Australia.

Click here to read the Capsiplex review



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