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Thermo-Lift Classic – The Thermogenic Diet Formula

Thermo-Lift ClassicAre you in the market for a weight loss supplement but have no idea which one to try? Well, you are not alone.

With dozens of new supplements entering the market, it is easy to get confused or frustrated in trying to figure out which one works the best.

ThermoLift Classic is one of those supplements that promises it can help you lose weight.

Are these promises the real deal or just a marketing ploy to get you to make a purchase?

What is ThermoLift Classic?

Ma HuangThermoLift Classic boasts natural ingredients including a “special combination” of Ma Huang, guarana seed extract, chromium picolinate, white willow bark, bee pollen and Siberian ginseng root. Separately, each one of these ingredients is important for different reasons.

Ma Huang acts as a metabolism booster, guarana seed extract is a natural source of caffeine that will boost your energy and improve your alertness, chromium picolinate serves as a cravings crusher so you do not give in to the foods you should not eat, white willow bark is often used to reduce pain and inflammation, and Siberian ginseng root is considered a reducer of stress while boosting a person’s physical and mental state.

There are a few other ingredients in the product like ginger root, bladderwrack kelp, licorice root and reishi mushroom. These are all part of the product’s proprietary herbal blend. One bottle of sixty capsules of ThermoLift Classic costs $59.95, but the cost goes down if you buy multiple bottles at once. The recommendation is to take two capsules per day. If you are unsure about the product, the manufacturer offers a thirty-day, money-back guarantee.

The Pros of ThermoLift Classic

Many of the product’s ingredients are natural which is always a plus. You certainly do not want to use something that is loaded with a bunch of unfamiliar chemicals and compounds. And many of these ingredients have been proven to work with regards to losing weight and burning fat. Aside from that, the one-hundred percent, money-back guarantee is usually a good sign that the manufacturers have complete faith in their product as well as tremendous faith that you too will love the product. Finally, it is pretty easy to purchase the product directly from their website.

The Cons of ThermoLift Classic

Unfortunately, a money-back guarantee and a few natural ingredients are not enough to save this product from its many flaws. The first, and biggest of those flaws, is the inclusion of Ma Huang—also referred to as ephedra. Ephedra was a very popular ingredient many years ago when diet supplements became all the rage.

However, it was also linked to some serious health issues and there were even reports of death by those who used ephedra-based products. The product’s website neglects to address this issue or even include a warning statement that some people may not be well-suited to take ThermoLift Classic.

Another problem is that the website does not offer any customer reviews, buyer feedback or any before-and-after photographs of people who successfully used ThermoLift Classic to lose weight. They can make all the claims they want, but most people like to see some evidence to support such bold statements.

ThermoLift Classic contains many natural ingredients, which are listed on their site, but they give no information as to what each ingredient is responsible for and how it is supposed to help you lose weight, burn fat, give you more energy or suppress your appetite. You basically have to go find that information on your own which is somewhat disappointing when you are interested in a product but want the pertinent information about it right there in front of you.

The site also lacks any specific instructions for taking the product or a list of any potential side effects—not exactly forthcoming with information.

Should You Try ThermoLift Classic?

You could take your chances with ThermoLift Classic, but you would be much better off finding a product that discloses more information about what it is and how it works. Just listing a bunch of ingredients and claiming it can help you lose weight and shed fat is not exactly enough to convince a person to buy a product. But that is what ThermoLift Classic does. Sure, you can send the product back in thirty days if you do not like it, but there are many other weight loss supplements that offer the same guarantee and provide a lot more information to potential customers.

You may want to go with a diet supplement that has some type of clinical or scientific study behind it to prove its claims. You would also be better off staying away from a product that contains ephedra since there is mounting evidence that it is not safe for consumption. The fact that there is not even a warning about this on their site should be a tremendous concern to potential customers. Remember, you want to buy a diet supplement that works, but, more importantly, you want to buy one that is safe to use.

Recommended Alternative

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PhenQ is a very strong fat burner that is build on the concept of phentermine, it is legally available to buy direct and without prescription.

Garcinia Extra is equally as effective and combines two natural fat burners; Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketone.

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