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Stimuretix Australia

Stimuretix Curb Hunger, Reduce Body Fat

Stimuretix is one of a long line of non-prescription diet pills that promise magical weight loss in short time without side-effects and with very little effort.

To its credit it does include some the ingredients that are en vogue and championed by the health experts but a few cases of side effects can effectively rule this product out a a serious choice.

The whole CART and NPY thing is getting rather tiresome as an explanation as to how it works – it a mythology that is used by about a dozen other similar looking diet pills

Lets take a closer look though and see what it has to offer.

What Does Stimuretix Do

The high dose of fat burners like synephrine and caffeine come together to hasten the weight loss process but also bring in their wake some detrimental effects than can have long term repercussions in users who cannot tolerate such doses of stimulants or are allergic to caffeine.

While the web has some positive reviews of Stimuretix, there is no mention anywhere, either in the official site or the review sites, about any clinical study or extensive trials to back their claims of credibility, efficacy and safety.

According to the official website, Stimuretix succeeds where very few other diet pills have because it fights the two players, CART and NPY inside the hypothalamus which together determine and control weight and its management.

CART controls satiety and metabolic rate while NPY signals the brain to feel hungry. By balancing the two, Stimuretix aids in faster fat burn and weight loss.

This by itself can be very confusing jargon for the average user, too technical as well as superfluous for them to delve too deep. They claim that the key to losing weight lies in the brain and this product sends the exact signals to control and suppress appetite so that food intake is dramatically reduced and weight loss is maximum.

The manufacturers also claim that Stimuretix have been clinically tested to stimulate and result in natural and balanced weight loss. Unfortunately as we mentioned above these claims are nowhere backed by any solid tests or trials.

Stimuretix: Components

DiCaffeine Malate – 250 mg – Increases metabolic rate and energy levels, stimulates CART
Hops – 100 mg – Soothes and relaxes the body
Razberi K – 50 mg – Blocks absorption of fat cells
Cocoa Extract – 50 mg- Mood elevator which induces feeling of well-being
Ginger Extract (20% Gingerols) – 50 mg – Detoxes and cleanses, increases body heat and metabolism as well as energy levels.
Synephrine HCL – 20 mg – Suppresses hunger, increases metabolic rate and aids in weight loss
Thermodiamine (98% Evodiamine) – 15 mg – Prevents storage of fat and weight gain
Lipolide-Sc (98% Sclareolide) – 15 mg – Supports CART by inducing thermogenesis.

Potential Side Effects

The high stimulant factor and potency of all the fat burning ingredients can cause severe reactions in users. Reported side-effects include –

*Headaches and insomnia
*Breathing problems and chest tightness
*Indigestion and diarrhea
*Anxiousness and restlessness
*Jitteriness and nervousness
*Increased heart rate and blood pressure
*Nausea and dizziness

Where To Buy Stimuretix In Australia

Only available to but from its own official website

Other Diet Pills To Consider

One ingredient, Razberi K (otherwise known as Raspberry Ketone has received an avalanche of publicity since its rather glowing testimony from celebrity health evangelist Dr Oz.

Raspberry Ketone is the natural fat burner that according to Dr Oz can “help you lose 10lbs’

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