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RKG Extreme Review

RKG Extreme Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus

RKG Extreme - Pure Green Coffee PlusBy now, you have probably heard a lot regarding the effects of green coffee bean extract on weight loss.

You may have even tried or are currently using a green coffee bean extract product in an effort to lose weight.

There is no disputing the evidence that it does indeed work.

However, does it work in every product that has this powerful ingredient or are some manufacturers including very small amounts of it yet offering big claims? RKG Extreme may be guilty of this practice.

What is RKG Extreme?

Pure Green Coffee Plus websiteRKG Extreme contains a potent combination of green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, green tea leaf extract, caffeine, cinnamon bark extract and elderberry extract. Each one of these ingredients has been proven to suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism, enhance your thermogenic activity and regulate your blood sugar.

When all of these substances are put together, they are said to produce amazing weight loss benefits. Green coffee bean extract, in particular, has been clinically proven to help people lose weight at faster rates than other weight loss supplements.

The manufacturer’s recommendation is to take one pill, with a full glass of water, thirty minutes before you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner—three pills per day.

The cost is thirty-five dollars for a one-month supply of RKG Extreme. The website offers special discounts on pricing if you order more than one bottle at a time. In addition to weight loss, the product claims that your energy level will increase as well as your alertness.

The Pros of RKG Extreme

RKG Extreme does not use any ingredients that are foreign or have not undergone numerous amounts of research. The media is constantly reporting the benefits of raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract so there is no mystery to its benefits as a weight loss aid.

RKG Extreme’s manufacturers are so sure you will love the product that they offer a thirty-day, money-back guarantee so they obviously have complete faith that consumers will be completely satisfied with the results they get from using it.

The Cons of RKG Extreme

Unfortunately, there are dozens if not hundreds of weight loss products that use many of the same ingredients as RKG Extreme so there is not much that is uniquely different about this one. One of the problems with the product is that although they provide full disclosure about the ingredients, they do not list the concentration of each ingredient so you do not know how much green coffee bean extract you are really getting as opposed to similar products.

There are also no study reports listed where people have used this product and what the results were. Another reason to question the product’s efficacy is that the website does not offer any testimonials or before-and-after pictures of consumers who have used the product and had success. This can make you wonder if RKG Extreme is just piggybacking itself onto other products with similar ingredients and just stating the same amazing results.

Are There Any Side Effects?

According to the product’s website, there have not been any side effects reported to them. They also state that they do not expect any to be reported as the product uses only natural ingredients, is free of any additives and unrefined so it should have no adverse effect on the body.

Should You Use RKG Extreme?

With so many other products on the market with basically the same ingredients, you can be picky about which one you want to try. And because many of the others offer specific information as to the quantity of each ingredient, real-life testimonials from their users and before-and-after pictures, you might wonder why RKG Extreme does not provide the same information that potential customers would surely want to know.

Let’s face it, there is plenty of competition out there in the weight loss supplement market so it is not wise to withhold any pertinent data that consumers need to make an educated purchase.

Another consideration is the potential side effects. Although the product’s website claims there are none and they do not foresee any in the future, people sometimes do have a reaction to the caffeine found in these types of products. Jitteriness or a rapid heartbeat are the most common symptoms. If you experience any of these effects, you may want to reduce the amount of pills you are taking or stop taking it altogether.

The company offers a money-back guarantee showing that they firmly believe you will love RKG Extreme. You certainly have nothing to lose if you decide to try it since you can return it if it does not provide you with the results you want. But with lots of other green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketone supplements to choose from, you may want to try one that you know for sure has actually worked.

Where To Buy RKG Extreme

Can be ordered online from the official website

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