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A new kind of diet pill

Raspberry Ketone –¬†

Oprah Diet Pill Raspberry KetoneEvery so often a product is introduced that really defines a market and becomes almost synonymous within that industry. Raspberry Ketone Plus (the brand) has almost become the de facto raspberry ketone diet pill.

Generically it is one of a number of superfruits that have ousted the traditional chemically based diet pill with supplements that are both natural and powerful. It is has been given several nicknames including the ‘Miracle Fat Burner’ and the ‘new diet pill’

The ‘Ketone’ is the part of the fruit that is responsible for unique aroma – t is estimated that you would have eat nearly 100 ponds of red raspberries to gain the same weight loss effect and taking a daily supplement.

Recently the media has published several ‘testimonial’ type articles highlighting the benefits of raspberry ketone with perhaps the most impressive being one taken from British tabloid, the Daily Mail.

The article features a British mother who was reluctant to socialise due to her ‘mummy tummy’. She subsequently lost 3 stone in 4 months thanks to the supplement.

The article goes on to describe how the supplement works “by suppressing appetite and providing the user with an increased metabolic rate – excess fat levels and calories are burned even without partaking in exercise or even mobility” which is a fair summary.



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