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Liponox Review For Australia

Liponox Does It Work, Side Effects, Stockists

Liponox diet pill AustraliaLiponox is a recent introduction to the non-prescription diet pill marketplace. It targets most countries including Australia and is advertised to help reduce your body fat and control hunger cravings.

The official website is not too dissimilar to dozens of other websites we have reviewed in the past – the product itself is also very familiar.

There is a reference to the CART and NPY ideology that appears to be the same exact same message portrayed by the brands Phenphedrine, Fenphedrine, Nuphedragen, Stimuretix and several others

What Is Liponox And How Does It Work

Liponox website AustraliaA commercial diet pill that is available to buy without a prescription. It is a multi-action action fat burner and appetite suppressant that (on paper) contains some pretty decent ingredients.

The official website tells the story that the reason why a majority of diet pills are not effective is that they fail to address all the key area’s of weight loss. Their product (Liponox) has undergone 2 years of clinical trials and they can reveal that Liponox is the world most powerful diet pill.

There are lots of unsubstantiated claims made that range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

perhaps the most mind boggling is the explanation as to how Liponox is supposed to work. There appear to be several variations of the Liponox website all telling a sightly different story.

The most outlandish is the Ying/Yang – CART NPE philosophy that brings together a battle inside your body of good versus evil. The CART is responsible for countering the bad influence of the NPY with respect of your appetite.

If you are completely lost then you are not alone

What Are The Ingredients

As touched upon above there are some pretty decent ingredients – before you get too excited and think we are going to shine some positivity on this product think again.

There is green tea, green coffee, Irvingia Gabonensis (better known as African mango) – all well renowned fat burners and thoroughly respectable. there are also though, several other ingredients that act purely as filler ingredients.

When a diet supplement contains multiple ingredients, almost universally this means that the effective ingredients are  diluted by the not so effective.

Potential Side Effects

The good news is there is probably not a cause for concern with regard to side effects

Where To Buy Liponox In Australia

The official website (or one of them) is the most likely stockists. Unlikely to be found in GNC or in store at your local pharmacy chain.

Alternative Diet Pills

Green Coffee Bean Extract AustraliaAs mentioned above, there are several good ingredients that if the manufactured would have concentrated on just the one (or three maximum) this write up would have been different. Perhaps the most interesting is green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee bean extract has received almost universal praise for its weight loss benefits – not least from TV doctor Dr Oz.

Read more about Green Coffee Bean Extract


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