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Farrah Abraham Raspberry Ketones

Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham And Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketoneThere seems to be no stopping Teen Mom Farrah Abraham – following on from her seven figure sex tape payout she now is the face and body of uber popular diet pill Raspberry Ketones.

The US reality TV star has been proactive by sending out promotional codes for her new diet product via social media sites.

Before you rush and go and buy Raspberry Ketones there are few things that wee need to point out.

When asked how she stays so fit an fab Farrah replied

‘I’m a big fan of all-natural ingredients with no side effects. ‘That’s why I chose Raspberry Tones, which includes raspberry ketone and other natural ingredients,’

What Is The Diet Pill Brand She Is Promoting

Raspberry Tones websiteThe brand is Raspberry Tones – a combination of raspberry ketone, Green tea, African mango, Kelp and Apple cider vinegar. A natural compound that contains natural and in-demand ingredients.

The official website strangely enough does not contain images of Farrah – and there is no mention of the partnership.

Maybe we are a premature with out article and perhaps their website developers are getting around to it. (update – it does now)

What Are Raspberry Ketones

raspberry ketone what is itIf you have been researching the various type of diet pills for even the shortest length of time you must have stumbled across raspberry ketone at some point.

Raspberry Ketone is a byproduct of the common all garden red raspberry – the ketone is responsible for its aroma as well as being of the most potent natural fat burners and fat inhibitors on the planet.

200mg of the ketone supplement can help you mobilise your existing fat content and use it as fuel as well as preventing an new fat cells from being created.

The whole raspberry ketone phenomenon was first introduced by the media after Fox News ran a report highlighting just how important this natural weight loss ingredient is.

This was further compounded by celebrity health expert Dr Oz who claimed that this natural fat burner was the “miracle fat burner in your medical cabinet

You would have to eat 90lb / 40kg of raspberries per day to get the same benefit of taking a supplement twice a day

Is Raspberry Tones Worth Buying

Ketone Gold, raspberry ketone and garcinia cambogiaThe brand its self is just too hype in our opinion. We are sure that Farrah is lovely lady but is she right person to front a diet pill campaign?

The brand that we would recommend over and above everything else is Raspberry Ketone Gold purely for the fact that is arguably the original brand and the the specific brand that featured on the Fox news report.

Click here to read about Raspberry Ketone

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