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Miracle Diet Drops – Do They Work?

Miracle Diet Drops

Diet drops AustraliaAs the name suggests, Miracle Diet Drops is dietary supplement in liquid form. A bottle of the product should last for 23 day and the promised weight loss is 1 to 2 stone. Other claimed benefits include:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Better sleep
  • Buzzing confidence

According to the official website, customers receive continuous support via the Miracle Diet Drops Facebook page, but the page has been removed. This may suggest a need to quell any negative feedback and is just one of several problems that may indicate this product is best avoided.

The only way to contact the supplier is via an online form, and the official website fails to provide any information about their identity. The site does not have a terms and conditions page, a privacy policy, or a cookie policy. Webmasters have a legal requirement to provide these pages, so the fact that they are missing is as worrying as it is unprofessional.

It is also worth noting the whole site is very basic and the homepage is the only page that shows any information. The rest of the pages are “Under Construction”.

*Consumers should also be aware this product costs over £30 a bottle and purchases are not protected by a money back guarantee*

What are Miracle Diet Drops and How Do they Work?

Although the suppliers claim their drops can help dieters to lose weight easily in a “way they never thought possible”, they do not explain how the drops achieve this and the only information offered is both pointless and inaccurate:

“In simple terms, for many of us our metabolism has become slow due to usually not eating enough of the right food and too many low fat, sugar free processed foods”

Most dieter will already be aware that bad dietary habits can pile on the pounds, so this information is redundant from the start. The rest of the sentence is totally ridiculous. Eating low fat, sugar free food is not likely to retard the metabolism and an error such as this can only be seen as further proof of the supplier’s ignorance.

Key Ingredients

The product apparently contains some vitamins and minerals, but no other information is offered.

Recommended Dosage

The official website provides no information about the recommended dosage or frequency of use.

Customer Feedback

It seems likely the Miracle Diet Drops Facebook page would be a good source of feedback, but it has been removed and the official website’s testimonials page is blank.  Independent sources of feedback are also limited, but the drops have been discussed on a few internet forums and nobody appears to have a good word to say about them.

Some consumer report sites also mention the drops:

One customer states:

“These have made me feel vert unwell and I have almost feinted. My advice to you would be to not buy them as they have a nasty ingredient in them and are being looked at by trading standards..”

Someone else poses the question:

“I was more than worried after I signed up to the miracle diet drops Facebook group. I waited for a bit and then decided to buy a months supply. The ingredients that are labelled are a world apart to what they are listing on the group. Why? “

Another consumer provides an answer that may also explain the disappearance of the Facebook page:

“That’s because the bottle contains ingredients which have been banned by the EU. These cowboys clearly haven’t got a clue! So they have been trying to hide the evidence!”

Side Effects and Health Issues

The suppliers fail to provide any information about possible side effects, but several customers report negative reactions to this product and the possibility that the formulation contains a banned substance is particularly worrying.

The Bottom Line

Miracle Diet Drops are one of the most worrying weight loss products on the market and consumers are advised to give them a wide berth.

  • The supplier is unknown
  • The drops are expensive
  • There is no money back guarantee
  • There is no proof they work

None of this is a selling point, but the biggest cause for concern is the possible harm the use of these drops may cause. Some customers claim the drops made them ill, and the rumours of a banned ingredient, when coupled with the missing website pages (under construction) and the Facebook page (gone, but not forgotten), suggest the suppliers are in the middle of a clean-up campaign.  Miracle Diet Drops should be avoided, many better options are available.

Where to Buy Secret Diet Drops

The official website links to a few sales pages at  BigCartel.com (a provider of order processing and payment facilities). BigCartel usually partner with artists though, (which explains the site slogan “Bringing the Art to the Cart”), so this is an unusual alliance and further evidence that Miracle Diet Drops may be being marketed by an amateur.

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