Pure Berry Max – Free Trial Offer Is Not Recommended Find Out Why

Pure Berry Max – Avoid The Free Trial At All Costs

Pure Berry Max ReviewPure Berry Max is a weight loss supplement that promises to maximize results without the need for complicated systems, extreme dieting, starvation or calorie-counting. It says users will see results in their arms, abs, backside and legs.

Like numerous recent products, this one claims to harness the power of natural substances to aid in fat burning, appetite suppression and increased energy.

With so many products out there marketing themselves as the latest miracles in a bottle, consumers would be wise to ask if this product is worth the time and money, or if it is just another case ofa product leading consumers on with promises that are too good to be true.

Pure Berry Max has been the subject of numerous complaints and have appeared on various scam busting websites. It is the free trial that has come under scrutiny – the free trial is not exactly free with customers asked to pay a small charge for shipping then unwittingly signing up to an auto-ship program where monthly packages are send out and debited from their credit cards – in some cases $90 a time

Read more here http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/pure-berry-max-c205990.html

Pure Berry Max Key Ingredients and how does it work

Pure Berry Max lists key ingredients as Green Tea extract, Raspberry Ketone, Pomegranate and Blueberry. There are scientific studies that indicate Green tea extract and Raspberry Ketone could be effective in weight loss and cholesterol improvement among other things.

Pure Berry Max IngredientsPomegranate has shown promise in the treatment of several conditions, although this research is emerging and contested. Blueberry is used to treat multiple conditions but there is not significant scientific research to support these uses.

Pure Berry Max lists the combination of key ingredients as a proprietary blend, but it does not list how much of each ingredient is contained in the blend, nor does it list the strength of the ingredients used. Without this information, consumers are unable to determine if the amounts used approach, meet or even exceed accepted effective levels.

This should be a red flag to consumers who wish to exercise due diligence. Finally, the website does not inform consumers how many pills are in a dose, how often doses are to be taken or if there are any special considerations like take with water or before or after meals.

Pure Berry Max Testimonials

Unfortunately, Free Trial for Pure Berry Maxthis product has a reputation for scamming buyers. There are dozens of testimonials on the internet from disgruntled buyers who took advantage of the supposed “free trial” and ended up receiving significantly higher charges.

On average, complaints detailed how consumers signed up to pay shipping for the “free trail”. These shipping fees were generally less than 10 USD. A few weeks later they were then hit with an enrolment fee of around 90 USD and recurring monthly charges for 90 USD. Attempts at disenrollment or to receive other resolution from the company were not met with satisfaction.

While it may be argued that these consumers should have carefully read the fine print before agreeing to the trial offer, it should be noted that none of these enrolment terms or fees appears on the Pure Berry Max website.

Possible Side Effects

Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any dietary supplement. Pregnant or nursing women should not take this or any other weight loss product without first consulting their healthcare provider.

People with sensitivities or allergies to any of the listed ingredients should exercise caution when using this product, if they choose to use it at all. Remember, not all ingredients in this product are listed, so there may be additional agents that consumers could also be sensitive or allergic to.

Of the listed ingredients, green tea extract can cause sleeplessness and gastrointestinal upset. Raspberry Ketone has been reported to cause jittery feelings and may increase blood pressure. Pomegranate could affect blood pressure and affect blood pressure control during and after surgery. Blueberry could affect blood glucose and could affect blood sugar control during and after surgery.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

Short answer: No. Although some of the listed main ingredients have each individually shown promise in aiding weight loss and improving general health, this is one situation where the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. Consumers should be wary of the products fantastic claims with little to no scientific substance to back them.

Pure Berry Max seems to be trying to capitalize on emerging research dealing with each of its main ingredients. What is fails to divulge, or even mention is anything that shows these ingredients, when used in their proprietary formula, provide results that are unique or superior to other supplements on the market.

Additionally, the many stories of consumers being duped into a high cost monthly enrolment should give anyone pause. Products attached to complaints like this are usually making their money off of these enrolment scams rather than sales of the product to satisfied repeat customers. Legitimate products will not attempt to dupe customers into expensive, hard to cancel monthly enrolment programs.

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