Phentramin-d Review – Alternative To Phentermine And Adipex

Phentramin-d Review – Alternative To Phentermine And Adipex

Phentramin-d phentramin alternativePhentramin-d is produced by Lazarus Labs and designed to be a natural alternative to prescription only Phentermine without running the risk of health issues and side effects often associated with the drug.

There are several other products that share a similar philosophy (natural Phentermine alternative) with varying degrees of effect. Phentramin-d is a fair product but not in the same league as the market leaders (see bottom of review)

It does however think the contrary by claiming to be the ‘Greatest Breakthrough In Weight Loss …Ever’ according its official website.

Hows Does It Work

Phentramin-d websitePhentermine (the original drug) was a sole appetite suppressant. Phentermine has remained relatively unchanged since its arrival in the late 1950’s.

Subsequent diet pills that target potential Phentermine users offer other mechanics of action – you may have noticed that most Phentermine alternatives offer not only an appetite suppressing agent but also a fat burner as well.

Whats In It – Ingredients

Among the formula’s ingredients is a sympathomimetic amine called Methel-Phenylethylamine and Synephrine Hydrochloride.

Proprietary Formulation containing 198mg* 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, Methel-Phenylethylamine and Synephrine Hydrochloride

Media Exposure

Not one to court the media it would seem.

Phentramin-d Testimonials And Success Stories

Testimonials or success stories are few far between. There are quite a few on the official website but as these are just mainly text based without photographs or video its hard to believe that at least some are not manufactured.

Phentramin-d Side Effects

There have not been many reports of serious side effects. Some mild issues have arisen with some customers reporting insomnia, dry mouth and irritability.

It is not suitable for sufferers of diabetes, heart, blood pressure or thyroid conditions.

As a precautionary measure expecting or nursing mothers should not use, likewise anyone who is on medication for existing conditions or illnesses unless told otherwise by their doctor of physician.

There is a lack of evidence to substantiate any claims that the manufacturers make

Is It Recommended

Very hard to recommend mainly to the existence of PhenQ

Phentramin-d Stockists In Australia – Where To Buy

Purchases are made via the official Lazarus Labs website. It is not available to buy over the counter anywhere in Australia, such as chemists, pharmacies or health supplement specialists GNC etc.

Recommended Diet Pill

PhenQ in AustraliaPhenQ is the preference. It is both clinically proven and has compelling evidence of efficacy from its customers.

The makers or PhenQ encourage its users to write in with weight loss success stories which they subsequently publish on their official wesbsite

PhenQ is manufactured in FDA registered facilities and is fully accredited.

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