Xenadrine Australia

Xenadrine Review

Xenadrine is a fat burner that has been available for quite some to a worldwide audience that has evolved over time.

The original formula (Xenadrine RFA-1) was based around and contained the now banned Ephedra – which forced the product to be withdrawn from the market and reformulated in several countries.

Xenadrine is now called simply Xenadrine or Xenadrine Ultra. If you are contemplating purchasing (from the internet) do not be tempted to buy the RFA-1 variant (with Ephedra) as it is still available to buy in some countries – the reason it was removed was due to associated side effects.

What is Xenadrine

As touched upon it is a fat burning diet pill that has proved very popular in the United States and Canada – Its primary target customer were those that were involved in body building or high energy sports, but now it has entered the mainstream and is also suitable for casual dieters.

Its main benefit is that it can provide additional energy – giving the user the impetus to exercise ans train more. This is not a typical weight loss product, please bear in mind before purchasing.

Side Effects Of Xenadrine

Now that the ingredient Ephedra is banned and has been removed, all diet products containing Ephedra have had to adapt their formulation. Xenadrine has adapted to the new legislation by relying on caffeine in large quantities to try to reproduce the effect of Ephedra.

Caffeine can positively effect the fat burning process but can aslo cause side effects such as headache, anxiety, stomach cramps, agitation, sweating, etc..

Is Xenadrine Recommended

Xenadrine is recommended only if you do a lot of exercise and highly mobile.

A good fat burning product that does not require such a physical effort is Capsiplex.

The manufacturers suggest that you can burn just as many calories regularly using Capsiplex that you would jogging for 20 minutes or cycling for 40 minutes.

Capsiplex is based on capsicum (red hot pepper) it caused nothing short of a sensation upon its arrival in the UK

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Buy Meratol In Australia

Meratol Review Australia

Meratol is a recent newcomer to the Australian market and is trying to replicate its success in both the UK and the United States.

It has enjoyed perhaps the most success in the UK with the British media publishing many stories in the national press and featuring weight loss success stories involving the product in high circulation magazines.

Meratol is more than just a news story though and offers arguably the most comprehensive mechanic of action of any diet pill available through the commercial market.

What Is Meratol 

A diet pill containing all natural ingredients designed to act as a carb blocker, fat blocker, a fat burner and appetite suppressant condensed into a single capsule.

Meratol can also help you combat the issues often associated with dieting – fatigue and loss of energy.

“Meratol can help you to lose weight quickly and easily from 1.5 to 2.5 pounds per week!” – Grazia Magazine

Meratol Ingredients

Meratol uses four natural substances that have a proven level of success both individually and in combination.

Prickly Pear – Reduces the absorption of dietary fat
Extract of brown algae – Prevents the absorption of a portion of carbohydrates
Cactus extract – Suppresses appetite and reduces food cravings
Cayenne pepper extract – Increases metabolism and the ability to burn fat faster

How Meratol Works

Prickly pear is know to regulate blood sugar which in turn reduces food cravings. This action reduces hunger and so can significantly help to reduce food portion and prevent snacking between meals.

Most weight problems have one primary cause – too many calories are taken on daily with a disproportionate and much lower amount burnt.

Meratol can also reduce the percentage of daily intake of fat and carbohydrates. A typical Western diet contains a high-carbohydrate and high fat content.

The extract of brown algae in the formula is scientifically proven to reduce carb absorption of up to 82%.

Cayenne pepper (also known as capsicum or chili pepper) is an incredibly effective natural burner –  it has been shown to help increase metabolism before, during and after exercise, burning up to 12 times more calories with its unique ability to transfer heat into energy rather than fat.

Does Meratol Cause Side Effects

Meratol should not cause side effects if taken as directed on the label.

Where To Buy Meratol In Australia

Meratol is available to buy from its official website only – all prices quoted are in US dollars initially but once the order is placed the value is shown in AUS dollars.

Shipping to Australia is approximately 7-10 days.

There are 60 capsules in one bottle enough for a months supply.

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