ZendaSLIM Review

ZendaSlim Does It Work, Side Effects And Stockists

Zendaslim review for AustraliaZendaSlim is the self proclaimed advanced weight loss formula that claims to be made entirely of natural ingredients and can give you remarkable results.

It sets itself apart from other similar commercial diet pills on the market simply being different. The marketing marketing material asks you to stop wasting on time on searching for the most effective diet pill when [in ZendaSlim] you have already found it.

Lets take a closer look and discover if the marketing material has any credence to its claims.

Contains several ingredients – perhaps too many as each individual ingredient become diluted .

What Is ZendaSLIM And What Does It Do

Zendaslim official websiteA natural diet pill that is available to buy without prescription and claims to be able to give noticeable results in 10 to 14 days.

It is manufactured by a US company but other than that information surrounding its background is very well hidden.

There are several main or active ingredients includes that are said to burn fat and suppress appetite – it is difficult to know which category to put ZendaSlim in.

There is also no real explanation as to how the product actually works

Whats In It – Ingredients

  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Green Tea
  • African Mango
  • Acai Berry
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Kelp
  • Revesterol Extract
  • Grapefruit
  • Caffeine

The ingredient list could feasibly create several diet pills – cramming this lot into just the one capsule would serve just to dilute the effective ingredients with the not so effective. More is not always better.

Any Side Effects Or Precautions

There are remote possibilities of side effects – these, however are in the main slight. A high caffeine content could cause the jitters (or similar experiences to drinking too much coffee than you are usually accustomed to).

If you are pregnant of nursing it recommended that you avoid. If you are on other medication it is highly advised to seek advise form your doctor before using

Press Features Or Success Stories

There does not appear to be news stories or PR – any success stories and testimonials are self created and are on the official website. This though could change in the future as ZendaSlim is a recent introduction and so will can revisit at a later date.

How does Zendaslim work

Does ZendaSLIM Work – Is It Recommended

Very hard to recommended considering the products that are currently in circulation.

ZendaSLIM Stockists Australia

Availability seems to restricted to the official website. Australian customer will not find in-store and pharmacies and health supplement specialists such as Pharmasave and GNC


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