Ultra Omega Burn

Ultra Omega Burn – Is It Really A Wonder Pill

Ultra Omega BurnUltra Omega Burn is an oil-based supplement so, as with the majority of products of this type, the active ingredients are housed in a soft-gel capsule.

Although the product is marketed in a manner that is bound to give it instant appeal to anyone who needs to lose weight, customers who buy Ultra Omega Burn are also promised many other benefits, including loss of wrinkles and younger-looking skin.

In fact, looking at the promises that are being made about this product, it appears the manufacturer is trying to grab the attention of as many people as possible, including those who are searching for a way to manage their cholesterol levels without using Statins.

Some advertised benefits include:

  • Dramatically reduces hunger
  • Opens your fat cells
  • Reduces the effects of metabolic syndrome
  • Reduces cholesterol levels in a safer manner than Statins
  • Makes your skin look younger by the day
  • Makes your wrinkles reduce or vanish
  • Provides effective treatment for eczema, acne, and other skin conditions
  • Aids the digestive organs
  • Gives you thicker, stronger hair and nails
  • Reduces arterial plaque
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Causes the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to disappear
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke

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Manufacturer and Distribution

Ultra Omega Burn has been brought to market by Nutra Active Pte Ltd, it appears to be the company’s only product, and people who wish to buy it can only do so by visiting the official Ultra Omega Burn website. A 30-day supply of pills will cost you $49.99, but customers who wish to make a larger purchase are eligible for bulk buy discounts.

How To Use Ultra Omega Burn – Only one capsule is needed each day. Nutra Active fails to state if this needs to be taken at a certain time or in a particular way (with food, without food, etc.).

Active Ingredients

When all the big promises are brushed aside, the amount of useful information about this product is extremely limited. A full ingredient breakdown is not supplied, but the key ingredient is palmitoleic acid (Omega-7).

Nutra Active claim their product is contains the purest form of palmitoleic acid it’s possible to obtain and state the decision to develop their product was based on the results of study conducted at Harvard University.

According to Nutra Active’s marketing video (embedded into the site), details of this study have been “buried under piles of lies” because diet pill manufacturers would stand to lose too much money if people discovered the real secret of losing weight.

We found information about a Harvard study that suggests palmitoleic acid warrants further investigation because it may have the ability to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, but nothing about palmitoleic acid as regards the aging process, skin conditions, or IBS, etc.

After further investigation, we managed to unearth the results of a study that seems to suggest palmitoleic acid may be worth further research as a possible weight loss provider, but the study was conducted on sheep and the palmitoleic acid was delivered intravenously.

Ultra Omega Burn

Ultra Omega Burn Customer Testimonials

The Ultra Omega Burn website provides some statements that are alleged to be customer reviews, but there is no way to prove their validity and comments published on manufacturer’s websites don’t carry a lot of weight because they are too likely to be biased and/or untrue.

A few example statements read:

“I’ve been using this product for a year. I’ve lost weight from my belly and waist and have baby soft skin.”

“I’ve continued to drink a chocolate shake every morning and have still managed to go 3 dress sizes smaller.”

“All my hunger cravings are gone. This is a wonderful product and it’s really good for helping you to lose weight.” 

“I’ve been taking this for 12 weeks and there is a huge improvement in my digestive system, my skin is better and I’ve been losing weight.”

Ultra Omega Burn Side Effects & Health Considerations

Nutra Active say there will be no side effects at all, but although palmitoleic acid is found in many dairy products, including cheese and butter, its potential to cause negative issues (when used as a supplement ingredient) have not been adequately explored.

Supplements that contain palmitoleic acid usually use a form that’s taken from sea buckthorn or macadamia nuts.

The form taken from macadamia nuts is generally considered to be safe, but people consuming palmitoleic acid sourced from sea buckthorn may experience a number of unpleasant side effects, including darker (offensive smelling) urine, painful bowel movements, and (with long-term use) muscle weakness and irregular heartbeat.

The Ultra Omega Burn website does not state the form of palmitoleic acid in use, so it could be either one. Bearing this in mind, we suggest this product should not be used without a doctor’s approval.

In Summary

Although palmitoleic acid is certainly an ingredient that is worthy of further exploration, none of the studies conducted to date suggest its abilities to assist weight loss, or benefit the health in other ways, should be considered proven.

It’s also worth bearing in mind, Harvard University is an institution that has worldwide respect. It does not seem likely that any groundbreaking study that was conducted on its premises would escape mass media attention.

The Ultra Omega Burn website tells a very good story, and it may succeed in convincing a lot of people, but we suspect the advertising methods are more powerful than the product.

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