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Tonalin CLA 1000mg review – reduce body fat and enhance lean mass

Tonalin 1000mgTonalin is a branded from of Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA).

The compound is reputed to offer many benefits to the health and has even been tested as a possible treatment for cancer, but many of the claims made for Tonalin cannot be supported by scientific evidence.

The weight loss inducing powers of Tonalin are, however, an exception to the rule because several scientific studies have proven Tonalin supplementation really can help dieters to shed unwanted pounds.

A Few Tonalin Weight Loss Benefits

  • Speeds up the Metabolism
  • Reduces abdominal fat
  • Enhances muscle growth
  • Lowers cholesterol

Although science has proven Tonalin supplementation can be a powerful aid to weight loss the compound does not promise fast results. If Tonalin is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise faster results should, however, be attainable.

What the Scientists Discovered

Tonalin diet pill researched The December 2000 edition of the Journal of Nutrition contained the findings of a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study that indicated CLA supplementation can reduce body fat while also helping the user to preserve muscle tissue.

The test group that received the supplement showed an average body fat reduction of six pounds and the researchers concluded that 3.4 grams of CLA each day is the correct dosage required for optimum fat loss benefits.

Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana also conducted studies on CLA and their tests showed the compound has the ability to improve insulin levels and reduce blood glucose levels.

Several more studies showed equally promising results and a comparison of the data available suggests Tonalin supplementation can assist weight loss in several ways.

How to Take Tonalin

The results of all available studies suggest 3.4g of Tonalin per day is correct dose required to encourage efficient weight loss.  Usage instructions vary from product to product, but Tonalin capsules are usually taken three times a day shortly before a meal.

Tonalin Side Effects and Health Issues

Tonalin supplements are usually tolerated well by most people. CLA is a natural ingredient and Tonalin supplements don’t normally contain any added stimulants or other problematic ingredients.

A few Tonalin users report experiencing feelings of nausea or having loose stools, but such reactions are very rare.

Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to consult a health care professional before using any form of supplement or beginning a weight loss regimen. The same advice is offered to people with existing health issues or worries.

Concluding Thoughts

Tonalin CLA has been tested and proven to assist weight loss. The same cannot be said for many competing products. The chances of users experiencing sided affects due to the use of Tonalin CLA are negligible for the majority of users so this is also a mark in its favor.

Users who choose to supplement their dietary regimen with Tonalin must bear in mind stores of body fat may diminish at a slower rate than that promised for many competing products. But it is also important to remember the results promised for many weight loss products are just that—promises.

Tonalin CLA supplementation offers real results and any weight lost should also be sustainable, so use of the compound is unlikely to result in dieters entering into a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting that is generally as bad for the moral as it is for the body.

The dietary supplementation market is worth millions and can be very lucrative for manufacturers who produce effective products. It can also be just as lucrative for manufacturers that produce convincing marketing material and in many cases consumers fail to see the hype for what it is until after they have made a purchase. Tonalin CLA is tested and proven to work so consumers who exercise a little care in choosing the right brand of Tonalin CLA can feel confident that any money spent is an investment in a fitter, healthier future.

Where To Buy Tonalin

Tonalin 1000mgTonalin weight loss supplements are now being manufactured by a growing number of manufactures and some supplements fails to fully harness the power of CLA, so some caution must be employed before deciding on any particular brand, and it is worth noting the best Tonalin supplements contain only CLA sourced from Safflower Seeds.

The purity of the blend should also be a consideration.

If a 1000 mg capsule contained 750g of CLA four to five capsules would be required each day in order to stay close to the recommended 3.4 g dosage.

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