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Vysera CLS

Vysera CLS, Does It Work, Where To Buy

Vysera reviewVysera CLS is a newly introduced non prescription diet pill that is currently courting the media and rates itself very highly.

The self styled “miracle pill” has been featured in many publications and claims to be backed by clinical research that is documented in British Journal of Nutrition.

We will take a look at and see if the hype surrounding it lives up to expectation. This – as the manufactures claim “is not a run of the mill diet pill

What Is Vysera CLS

A commercially available weight loss tablet that is designed to be taken in conjunction with a strict low calorie diet. The manufacturers suggest that even those eating more than the allotted 2000 calories a day cab lose fat from problem areas such as stomach, hips, waist and thighs.

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It is produced by Vysera Biomedical Limited and Irish based medical technology company In Galway. It is marketed in the US by Bremenn Clinical Biomedical Limited are a thoroughly reputable and have been responsible for some elite and highly recommended product unfortunately in this instance we cannot give our blessing – here is why

how ro buy Vysera

Why Dont We Recommend Vysera CLS

Whether this is at the instruction of the manufacturers or marketing company the “preferred customer plan” is an auto-billing system – Dietpillbuyer.com are vehemently against any auto-billing or auto-shipping schemes.

Quite simply put auto-billing is a mechanism whereby a customer agrees to take a monthly supply for a fixed cost until the customer notifies the supplying company that they wish to cease to the agreement.

Order Vysera CLSIn principle there is nothing wrong with this but it has been abused over the last few years to the extent that now everyone connected with the supplement industry assumes that auto-billing is the work of a scam merchant. We are not suggesting for one moment that Vysera Biomedical Limited or Bremenn Clinical  are anything other than legitimate – but their use if this marketing tactic is disappointing.

How Does Vysera CLS Work

There is not much information as to how it works – there are soundbites and expected results. The end results are well documented, it is the journey there that is shrouded with mystery.

Ingredients – What In It

What is in Vysera IngredientsAgain, there is no clear information as to what is in the formula written on the official website – the packaging does disclose the contents though, it is a formula containing l-lysine hcl, l-arginine hcl, oxoproline.

We have studied the ingredient list and there is nothing that jumps out at us – in our opinion it is a disappointing mix of ingredients.

How this product will help you to “get rid of your love handles” and “lose significant amount of squishy, flabby, unattractive body fat from those hard-to-target places” is anyones guess.

 Possible Side Effects

The product should not cause any side effects if the manufacturers usage instructions are followed.

Is It Recommended

Not recommended

Where To Buy Vysera-CLS 

The sole stockists appears to be the Bremenn Clinical website – looks to cater for US customers as opposed to UK or Australian’s. They also make a point of advising not going to Walmart to try to purchase. The price is $99 foe a month which in opinion is laughable.

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