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Voyager V3 Max Review, Results and Stockists

Voyager V3 Max Review

Voyager V3 Max diet pillsVoyager V3 Max is a weight loss supplement produced in the US by Voyager Health Technologies who claim their product provides three main benefits:

  • Invigorated Mood
  • Superior Energy Boost
  • Appetite Control

Each box of Voyager V3 Max carries a hefty $64.95 price tag. That’s expensive, and it does not appear that customers are being offered much for their money, so first impressions are not good.

What is Voyager V3 Max and how does it Work?

The capsules appear to be designed to work as a combined appetite suppressant, fat burner and stimulant.

The manufactures also claim their blend combines the newest, hottest weight loss ingredients with a unique blend of synergistic vitamins, so let’s take a closer look and see what they’ve got.

Key Ingredients

Ingredients in Voyager V3 MaxInclusion rates are not provided for the individual components of the proprietary blend, but the blend contains the following:

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12

Weight loss supplements often contain one or more of the B vitamins because they are believed to have improve metabolic performance and encourage fat burning, unlocking the energy stored in the fat and making it available for use by the body. Clinical evidence of this can be conflicting though, and most people receive an adequate supply of B vitamins from their normal diet.

  • Chromium Polynicotinate: Another standard inclusion in dietary blends, but the fat burning potential of Chromium has been discredited by the National Union of Health.
  • B-Phenylethlamine (HCL):  Voyager Health Technologies claim the ingredient can reduce depression and stress, aid the digestion, and suppress the appetite, but scientific tests on the ingredients fail to supply conclusive proof that the ingredient can do any of these things.
  • 2-Amino-4-Methylpentane Citrate (AMP):  Said to boost the metabolism and provide thermo genic fat burning benefits, but once again supporting evidence is not available.
  • Infinergy (Dicaffeine Malate-Methyltheophlline):  A combination of caffeine and malic acid. The manufacturers state the ingredient can boost energy, improve mental focus, and stimulate fat burning, but the ingredient may cause side effects.
  • Hordenine HCI: An alkaloid believed to stimulate the central nervous system and enhance the metabolism.
  • Octopalean (Octopamine):  A compound found in the salivary glands of the octopus and often touted as an appetite suppressant, but once again test results are conflicting.
  • Cha de Bugre 10:1: Often proclaimed to be an appetite suppressant, but scientific tests say otherwise.

Customer Feedback

The official website provides several positive reviews, but given the nature of the manufacturer’s “business opportunity” it is hard not to wonder how many of these endorsements have been supplied by product distributors.

We scoured the net for independent reviews and found just three. One of them had been placed by a Voyager V3 Max distributor. Another read like a mini-sales page, so it may also have been placed by a distributor, and the third reviewer said they experienced a boost in energy, but hadn’t lost much weight.

Side Effects & Health Issues

The manufacturers do not mention any side effects, but some of the ingredients have the potential to cause them and the lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to predict how severe reactions might be.

This supplement is not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers. Anyone who has known health issues or worries should consult their medical practitioner before use.

Is Voyager V3 Recommended

Voyager V3 Max is not a recommended product. It has not been tested, is not proven to work, and close look at the blend suggests it is unlikely to produce the kind of results the manufacturer’s promise.  It is also an expensive product that is marketed with high levels of hype and low levels of information, and promoted by people who are motivated to sell it for their own financial gain. In fact the money-making potential probably far outstrips the product’s weight loss potential. Many better options are available.

Where To Buy Voyager V3 Max – Sales and Marketing

The Voyager V3 Max website does not contain much information about the product or the people behind it, but the site does contain a considerable amount of information about the company’s multi-level marketing business opportunity and some of the company’s mission statements fail to inspire confidence in their ability to produce an effective weight loss product:

“Voyager’s compensation structure represents the most lucrative and balanced network-marketing plan in today’s global marketplace.”

Voyager V3 Max websiteSuch a statement could be seen to infer they are more interested in the business of making dollars than in helping their customers to lose pounds, but, in their favor, the company does offer dieters a 30 day money back guarantee.

Only V3 Max distributors are permitted to make purchases directly from the manufacturers. Everyone else must either join the program or buy their V3 Max capsules from someone who has already done so.

Many distributors have created their own sites and sales pages, and few are also selling Voyager V3 on the Amazon and eBay marketplaces; so most customers should be able to find a supplier without too much trouble.

Customers who are willing to share their card details with their supplier, become a ‘preferred customer’, and sign up for the company’s autos hipping option can secure a slight reduction in price. Such options can be more trouble than they are worth, but at the time of this review no complaints could be found on the ScamBook Website.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ in AustraliaIt is hard and perhaps unfair to compare to PhenQ – PhenQ is arguably the most effective non-prescription diet pill currently available.

The sheer strength of its public approval by way of testimonials and success stories sets it apart.

PhenQ is both a fat burner and appetite suppressant – it is available to buy direct from its own official website.

Read our review of PhenQ here

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