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Buy New Diet Pill Australia

New Diet Pill Is it Available In Australia

new diet pill that begins with QA new diet pill has been given FDA approval and becomes only the second diet drug in the last 13 years to earn this distinction following another similar diet pill Belviq‘s green light a few weeks ago.

It is a prescription strength pharmaceutically manufactured diet drug created for patients suffering from extreme obesity and also have other conditions connected to their weight – it will be administered to those that absolutely require it.

The pills name begins with Q but for legal reasons we are not allowed to name it or show any images connected to the brand name [this review has been edited and the brand name that begins with Q removed and replaced iwth “new diet pill’]

There are several phentermine based commercial diet pills that available to buy commercially. Arguably the best example is PhenQ. Formulated by Bauer Nutrition, it ships regularly to Australia. More about PhenQ

 What Is It And How Does It Work

It is a combination of two pharmaceutical grade drugs – phentermine and topiramate extended-release. Both of these are not new formulations, phentermine for example has been around for over half a century but it is the first time the two have been combined in one product.

Phentermine is commonly prescribed appetite suppressant that is administered by doctors to help control patients who suffer from extreme obesity. When used it can help to significantly reduce calorie intake and helping the user to reach satiety (fullness) quicker.

Topiramate, or Topamax, is prescribed to help prevent seizures drug and is primarily used for the prevention of migraine headaches and/or seizures that usually accompany epilepsy. Topiramate, similarly to phentermine has the ability to help user reach fullness quicker during a meal.

Who Can Take It

Targeted for adults that have a high BMI (Body Mass Index),  30 or greater (you can check your BMI  using our tool on the right hand side bar) that also suffer from weight-related issues or illnesses such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or very high cholesterol levels.

It is strongly not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for women who intend to become pregnant. It is best used in combination with a calorie controlled diet and regular physical activity.

Potential Side Effects

Although the drug has been given approval there is cause for concern by some in the medical profession as to the potential for side effects both immediate and the longer term.

Some side effects could include an increased or raised heart rate and so not to be prescribed to patients with heart disease, heart conditions or who have recently suffered a stroke.

The FDA and Vivus (the manufacturer) both acknowledge that the three clinical trials meant to measure its safety and effectiveness were not designed to properly assess cardiovascular risk.

Women who are expecting, or hoping to conceive, should refrain as it may causes birth defects including cleft palates.

Patients with overactive thyroids or who have heart disease risks such as an irregular heartbeat, also can not take the drug.

Can I Buy The New Diet Pill Over The Counter In Australia

It is not for sale over the counter. It will be available (possibly 2013) by prescription only.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ reviewsAs mentioned PhenQ is commercial alternative to Phentermine. It can help users to burn and block fat as well as suppress appetite. It is deemed safe for human consumption and does not present the risk of side effects that its drug based cousins present.

PhenQ also not only a highly effective fat burner and can also increase your metabolism – it also has a 60 day refund policy and ships without a delivery charge anywhere in the world

Read The PhenQ Review



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