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ATP Science – T432 Plus for Weight Management

ATP Science – T432 Plus 

T432 Plus T432 Plus is a weight management product made in Australia by ATP Science. As the name suggests, the formulation is intended to encourage weight loss by boosting thyroid hormone production.

Although there is certainly a relationship between the thyroid gland and correct metabolic function, this type of product does not help all.

The ATP Science – T432 marketing material on the manufacturer’s website provides a lengthy list of symptoms that may indicate an under active thyroid gland.

A few of the symptoms mentioned include dry skin, fatigue, fluid retention, and constipation. The problem is, all of the symptoms listed can be the results of a number of other conditions.

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What Is ATP Science – T432 Plus and How Does It Work?

ATP Science – T432 is a little more complicated than some of the other “T-type” supplements on the market. In fact, the official sales page appears to be set up specially to blind potential customers with science.

The important thing to remember is, the thyroid gland produces hormones that govern the metabolism. The gland needs a sufficient supply of certain nutrients to do this efficiently. Iodine is one of the most important ones.

ATP Science - T432 Plus 

Although different ingredients can be used to provide it, iodine is used in most diet pills designed to increase thyroid activity.

However, an expert evaluation of the relationship between iodine and thyroid functions raises doubts about using iodine supplements. It says iodine deficiency and iodine excess can both increase the risk of thyroid disorders.

This being the case, it may be unwise to try and manipulate thyroid function without the correct medical supervision.

Key Ingredients

Although ATP Science makes it very clear what the key ingredients are, they also make it unusually difficult to discover the quantities involved.

The picture of the label is not easy to see so it was necessary to download and enlarge it.

Two capsules contain:

  • Chromium (60mcg)
  • Zinc (5mg)
  • Selenium (25mcg)
  • Iodine (60mcg)
  • L-Tyrosine (400mg)

The formulation also contains six more ingredients, crammed into a (500mg) proprietary blend. Individual inclusion rates are not provided.

  • Du Zhong (Eucommia Ulmoides Oliver Leaf)
  • Yerba Mate
  • Cinnamon
  • Guarana
  • Coleus Forskohlii

The marketing material states the formulation also contains black pepper extract and naringenin. The label does not. This does not create a good impression.

Blend Potential

Chromium is usually added to diet pills because it regulates insulin and may prevent the blood sugar crashes that cause carb cravings. The dose provided here is quite low.

Zinc and selenium are believed to support healthy thyroid function. Tyrosine is a more credible ingredient. So is Coleus Forskohlii. Both are considered acceptable supplement options for an underactive thyroid gland. As is Iodine, but supplements of this nature are best used under medical supervision.

The rest of the inclusions probably add little value to the formulation. They are all diet pill ingredients though.

Guarna is an odd inclusion. It’s a caffeine provider and it would have been nice to know how much is included because there is evidence to suggest caffeine has a negative effect on thyroid health.

Usage Instructions – According to the label on the bottle, the dose is two capsules, taken two times per day, alongside food. However, some online stores provide conflicting instructions. The directions on the bottle are the ones that count.

T432 Plus Customer Feedback

There is a lack of reliable customer reviews for this product.

Side Effects and Health Issues

The prospect of side effects goes largely unmentioned in the ATP Science – T432 marketing material. However, side effects can never be ruled out when taking formulations of this nature.

ATP Science – T432 will not be suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding an infant. People who have pre-existing health problems will need to get a doctors approval prior to using the product. People planning on using it alongside other supplements or medication should do the same.

Where To Buy ATP Science – T432 Plus 

If you wish to do so, you can buy ATP Science – T432 via the manufacturer’s website. It’s also possible to purchase it from most of the popular online stores including Australian Sports Nutrition and The Supplement Stop.

However, although ATP Science sell a 30-day supply of pills for around $50, many retailers are asking considerably more.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

What we have here is a product that’s designed to assist weight loss by improving thyroid hormone production. Yet it contains caffeine and this may have the opposite effect.

ATP Science also appears to be a little unsure about what they’ve added to their formulation. If the label is correct it does not contain black pepper extract or naringin.

However, if the product information page is correct it does. Should this be the case the formulation has a further flaw because naringin is sometimes alleged to increase the potency of caffeine.

The presence of iodine and L-Tyrosine may help the formulation get the job done. However, as stated earlier in this ATP Science – T432 review, too much iodine may actually interfere with thyroid function.

If you think you have gained weight due to thyroid problems, the best thing to do is discuss the matter with a doctor. Using a product like this is a chancy way to go.

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