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Coffee Slender with Svetol

Coffee Slender – Green Coffee Diet Pill With Svetol

Coffee Slender reviewCoffee Slender is a weight loss beverage produced in Norway by Med-EQ Pharma who say “Change your coffee and see the results”. Apparently three cups a day is all that it takes and the product is “clinically proven to have a slimming effect”. The claim about it being clinically proven is a big stretch, but their coffee does contain a proven ingredient—Svetol—so the claim could be seen to have a certain amount of truth to it.

The manufacturers appear to be a respectable company and the official product website is easy to navigate, has a professional look, and does an admirable job of selling the benefits of their coffee, but the site does not contain a sales page, or any information about where customers can buy Coffee Slender, and online searches for suppliers failed to return any results.

Presumably Norwegian customers will not face such problems in finding a supplier, but Med-EQ are actively marketing their product towards English speaking customers so it seems strange that they have not thought to provide information on product availability and purchasing options.

What is Coffee Slender and How Does it Work?

green coffee beamsCoffee Slender is a freeze dried coffee that contains a patented form of green coffee bean extract called Svetol.

Green coffee beans are coffee beans in their natural state. Standard coffee blends contain roasted coffee beans, but although roasting the green beans helps produce a richer flavor it also destroy an important component of the bean—chloregenic acid.

The weight loss benefits associated with chlorogenic acid have been the subject of several scientific studies and the compound has been proven to lower blood sugar levels and boost the metabolism.

In 2002 the University of Maine put the weight loss potential of Svetol to the test and 60% of the test subjects showed a 50% drop in their blood sugar levels.  A reduction in blood sugar usually produces a drop in insulin production and a decrease in body fat. In this case an average weight loss of 1.5 Kg was recorded at the end of the six week test period.

Later tests have produced equally positive results and Med-EQ Pharma state three cups of their coffee provide the same daily dosage of Svetol as that used in the tests, but they fail to elaborate on what this figure was/is.

Testimonials & Customer Feedback

Former Miss Universe (1990) Mona Grudt actively endorses Coffee Slender and the product website features a video testimonial from Mona that begins by showing her stepping out of a swimming pool to display her slim and shapely figure before going on to say:

“You only have one life and one body, give coffee slender a chance to help you lose weight. It’s easy. Just drink it with your meals.”

The Coffee Slender website also contains several video testimonials from satisfied customers.

“I’ve been using coffee slender for about three months and I’ve lost 19 lbs.”
“I lost 20 lbs. on Coffee Slender; it was just the best experience.”
I’ve lost about 20 lbs. it’s averaged out about 2 or 3 lbs. a week.”

Independent reviews cannot be found, but this is not surprising given the difficulties involved sourcing a supplier.

Possible Side Effects & Health Issues

Green coffee beans contain less caffeine than coffee beans that have been roasted in the normal way, so side effects are not likely to be an issue for the majority of users, but the product is probably best avoided by anyone who has a particularly low tolerance to caffeine and/or stimulants in general.  Caffeine-related side effects can include the jitters, nervousness, headaches, and heart palpitations.

The Bottom Line

Svetol is a very promising ingredient so it seems likely that Coffee Slender should be an effective weight management tool, but without any inclusion rate to go by it is hard to say how well Coffee Slender is likely to compare with other Svetol or green coffee bean products. It’s been around for a while now and may not be able to compete with newer products.

The lack of independent feedback is also an issue, but the biggest problem with Coffee Slender is less to do with product potential and more to do with product availability.  If customers can’t find a supplier they will not be afforded the opportunity to follow Mona’s advice and ” give coffee slender a chance “.  Many alternative Svetol products will be easier to find and may also offer superior results.

Recommended Green Coffee Brand

Svetol Green Coffee Bean from Evolution SlimmingAlthough we do not recommend this particular brand, do not be put off using green coffee as a weight loss aid – on the contrary, it is one of the most effective natural fat burning substances in existence. The brand we recommend is from Evolution Slimming.

Evolution Slimming’s own bran Svetol has a worldwide customer base and is arguably the most popular brand on the planet.

Find out more about Evolution Slimming’s Green Coffee

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