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Slim 10 Review, Positives and Negatives, Stockists

Slim 10 Diet Pill Review

Slim 10 reviewSlim 10 is diet pill that is available to buy without prescription and contains non pharmaceutical ingredients. It is now shipping to Australia – whether this is a blessing remains to be seen.

It is the combination of 10 clinically proven, natural and patent pending ingredients according to the official website. In addition to the 10 active ingredients is Hoodia Gordonii, the South African sourced natural appetite suppressant that tends to split the weight loss community down the middle.

One camp are convinced of its weight loss benefit while the other will only be convinced when real conclusive evidence is presented. To date there has never been real conclusive evidence so we sit very firmly in the latter camp.

What Is Slim 10 And How Does It Work

Australia Slim 10 WebsiteIt is Chinese originated product manufactured by Yuzhitang Health Products of Guangdong. As touched upon it contains 10 active ingredients as well as Hoodia Gordonii. The manufacturers claim it can work on so mant levels.

According to the official website Slim10 can burn calories, appetite, boost metabolism, break down stored fat, prevent binge eating, burn fat and excess carbohydrates and turn sugar into energy.

All very impressive – if is actually works. We are inclined to think that it doesn’t. Diet supplements that include to many ingredients just cannot work as effectively as diet supplement that contain just a few key ingredients – but a larger quantity. When there are so may ingredients included the lesser ingredients tend to have a diluting effect on the better one.

There is a rather worrying entry in Wikipedia concerning Slim 10 that looks to be connected to a previous set of ingredients –  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slim_10 


Slim 10 contains Advantra Z, Super Citrimax, Slimaluma Phase 2, 7-Keto, NeOpuntia, Tonalin, ForsLean, ChromeMate and CarniPure.  There is also Hoodia Gordonni.

Potential Side Effects

The potential side effects are largely unknown. there does not appear to be many commercial products with this combination of ingredients. Although the ingredients are on the whole, natural. Eyes cannot help wandering to that Wikipedia entry.

Is Slim 10 Recommended

No recommendation from us.

Where To Buy Slim 10 In Australia

The official website is the only stockists we have found. Not the type of product to be available over the counter in store and health supplement suppliers or chemists and pharmacies.

Alternative Diet Pills

Green Coffee Bean Extract AustraliaThere are several possibles that could chosen that would give you an outstanding chance of weight loss success. the key thing to remember is to see your diet regime through to its conclusion as the number 1 reason why diets fail is lack of discipline from the dieters.

If lack of discipline is something that you suffer from the take a look at Green Coffee bean extract – it is a powerful natural fat burner that works even without an accompanying exercise regime or change to your dietary habits.

Read about Green Coffee Bean extract


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