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Regeneslim Review, Does It Work, Side Effects

Regeneslim Appetite ControlRegeneslim suggests that you too could get a celebrity body without altering your lifestyle and eating habits to any great degree.

Regeneslim is one of the new entrants in the diet field and with its slick ad campaign and impressive ingredients it has created quite a stir. But it still remains to be seen how reliable the product is when tested against the key criteria that makes a product safe.

What is Regeneslim

Regeneslim official websiteManufactured by US based Regeneca, RegeneSlim is an all-natural dietary supplement which is supposed to control appetite and lead to definite weight loss results. The key ingredients in the product are two trademarked formulas called ChromeMate and Super Citrimax which apparently combine efforts to bring about great results.

These patented and active ingredients promote insulin production through the advanced formula, boost up metabolism, aid in burning more fat and faster, and keep energy levels high at all times. When combined with proper diet and exercise it is said to produce amazing results in a very short time.

The official website and related marketing campaign stress on how users are raving about it including known television personality Taylor Armstrong. But what the website does not explain in detail is how these work and what the extra ingredients in the product are.

There are no clinical trials to fall back on as well as complete lack of real customer feedback which is a bit worrisome. Moreover, FDA has issued warnings on one of the non-trademarked ingredients in the product which puts its safety and efficacy claims to doubt. The ingredient Dimethylpentylamine HCL or methylhexanamine as it is sometimes known as, is not approved by the FDA and they had sent a letter to this effect to Regeneca in 2012.

Usage Instructions

The pills are meant to be taken twice daily and are supposed to bring about amazing results without any changes in lifestyle. This statement in itself is confusing and misleading as one cannot hope the diet pills to do miracle work without making necessary changes in diet, exercise regimen and basic lifestyles, the very reason why one put on weight in the first place.

RegeneSlim Ingredients:

Though the product is a combination of many ingredients, all the official website states are details on the two main patented ingredients. According to them it is the presence of these that sets the product apart. So apparently one need not worry about what else is in there?

ChromeMate is a unique patented formula of oxygen-coordinated niacin-bound chromium which is extremely bioactive than all its rival counterparts. It is known to control and lower serum cholesterol while improving HDL (good) cholesterol levels in the body.

It is also meant to lower blood pressure and regulate blood glucose levels thereby promote proper insulin levels in the body. It increases metabolic rate and suppresses appetite at the same time leading to faster fat burning, of fats taken it as well as those stored in the body. By doing these it leads to weight loss and at the same time increases lean body mass which leads to better figure.

Super Citrimax is another patented formula which contains the well-known natural fruit extract called Garcinia Cambogia.

This Pacific South Asian fruit is known for its appetite suppressing and fat busting powers. Apparently this formula can prevent fat production and inhibit weight gain without stimulating the nervous system. But there is no corroborating proof for this fact so results are not validated.

Side Effects of RegeneSlim:

Erratic heartbeat, Dizziness and nausea, Severe and frequent headaches, Shortness of breath and jittery feelings, Irritations and eruptions on skin, Anxiety and nervousness, Severe insomnia

It is therefore strongly advised to see a physician before one takes this pill. One should know what health conditions and current medications can clash with this pill and cause severe results. It is not recommended for people below 18 years of age. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should refrain from taking it.

Points to be noted:

The main things to consider here are that it is not FDA approved, it does not come with any kind of customer feedback and has to clinical trials or tests to support its efficacy and safety theories. In the absence of all these it is hard to say whether it will work or how safe it is use this product.

The high caffeine content may lead to some weight loss and this every fact can lead to other serious side effects. Since the other ingredients are not explained in detail it is impossible to know who it will react in the body. Some of the ingredients are also being tested for causing cancer and till the results are out one should exercise caution.

Is It Recommended

Not by us.

Diet Pill Recommendation

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