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5 Simple Ways To Curb Your Food Cravings

how to stop craving for foodsWe’ve all been there. Late at night or perhaps during a long day you get the urge to eat a candy bar or junk food.

Fighting those cravings can be difficult at times, especially when your mind is focused on getting the type of food that can wreck your diet.

However, there are five methods to curbing your food cravings that really work and help you to keep off the excess pounds. If you can get your body attuned to eating the the healthy kinds of foods then you will notice that your body will actually start to crave these foods.

Eat More Proteins

Foods that are high in ProteinIncreasing your consumption of proteins can fight off your cravings for other types of foods. Proteins are not only good for your muscles, they are much slower to digest than carbohydrates or sugars.

This means that you feel full longer. Plus, proteins help stabilize the blood sugar so you don’t get the cravings as bad. Whole grains are excellent sources of protein and fiber as well.

This not only adds to your digestion, it can help you successfully fight off cravings of sugars for hours.

Be Proactive

If you generally know when your cravings will hit, take a few steps and be proactive by providing your body with the type of food that makes you feel full. This can significantly lessen the cravings if you feel full and not want to eat. One good trick is to drink a large glass of water while eating a few almonds. This combination is not only healthy, it can help you feel full for hours.

Give In, but Only a Little Bit

If you have a particular craving, one way to satiate it is by eating a little and combining it with something healthy so you can get past your craving for it. Having a large glass of water before you eat helps as well as having other low calorie snacks around. However, you don’t want to have a large candy bar around, instead, purchase the small or “fun” size candies and eat just one. As long as you keep the calorie count below 150, you should be fine.

Eat more Fruit

Although fruit does have sugar in it, many fruits such as apples contain plenty of fiber and other nutrients that are much better for you. The sugar is usually trapped inside the fiber, meaning that your body will not absorb it nearly as quickly as a candy bar. Besides, an apple a day does keep the doctor away, especially when it takes the place of sugary snacks.


Take a Walk and Get your Mind off the Cravings

If you feel the cravings coming on, get up and walk around. If it’s a nice day outside, take a walk. If you are stuck indoors, then get up and do some exercises. If you have a project that needs completion, you can start on that. The point is that boredom can lead to your mind focusing on your cravings. So, do something to take your mind off the cravings until they pass.

These are five of the best ways to fight off the unnecessary cravings for sugars and other unhealthy foods that can pack on the pounds and take away from your dieting efforts.

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