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Quick Trim Review Australia

The Quick Trim range of weight loss supplements are endorsed by Khloe and Kim Kardashian, former reality TV stars who are now weight loss presenters. Khloe Kardashian shed a significant quantity of weight during the summertime of 2009, firstly stating that this was down to exercising, but later claiming that it was partly down to her use of Quick Trim supplements.

Kim Kardashian has a body that many women would die for, so she did not have to lose weight. Nonetheless, she also claims to be taking these supplements to boost her metabolic rate and shed more fat. The Quick Trim product range is comprised of these four supplements:

QuickTrim is now available to buy direct from the official website. Ships to all countries including Australia. Pricing is quoted initially in US$ but converted to other currencies during the order process

We do not recommend Quicktrim

Quick Trim Extreme Burn

This supplement is in tablet form and purports to help with burning as many as 8000 additional calories every month, along with 300% extra calories (based on the product’s website).

These tablets are supposed to reduce cravings, bolster energy and shed calories. Two tablets have to be consumed twice daily. But, there is no research to lend credence to these claims, or any testimonials from dieters who have used the supplement (aside from the Kardashians).

Quick Trim Celluslim

This gel is meant to lessen cellulite. You simply apply the gel on your problem areas one or two times per day. This product is somewhat of an unknown because there are very few reviews of it.

Quick Trim Fast Cleanse

The bottle of Quick Trim Fast Cleanse is meant to jump start your weight reduction efforts by carrying out a two day cleanse.

You are instructed to take four helpings of this cleanser (mixed with water) in-between meals. Also, you are told to eat fruit, clear soups and vegetables.

There are several methods for cleansing the body, so it is not clear why this product is unique.

Quick Trim Burn and Cleanse

This two week weight loss product combines various tablets for different times in the day. The product is also delivered with an exercise and diet manual, that definitely makes it more attractive.

Apparently, these four supplements are synergistic, which means that they function better together. Obviously, this also means that they are more expensive, because you have to purchase all of them to get the advertised results.


  • Uses natural ingredients
  • GNC are a reputable company
  • Purchasable in GNC shops worldwide or online
  • User-friendly


* It is not clear if this product will work for normal people who (unlike celebrities) do not have access to dieticians and personal trainers
* These supplements have not been FDA evaluated
* Real lifestyle changes are not encouraged
* Not many testimonials (aside from the Kardashians)


Quick fixes rarely work when it comes to weight loss. So, it is probably wise to approach with a degree of caution. GNC are undoubtedly a trustworthy company, but ultimately, genuine and long-term weight loss requires a real change in lifestyle. Cleansing may be a sensible start, but it does not represent a permanent solution.

Where To Buy QuickTrim In Australia

Can be purchased direct.

We do not recommend Quicktrim


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