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OxyELITE Pro Australia

OxyELITE Pro Review Australia

OxyELITE Pro is a mainstream commercial fat burner that is heavily advertised on the internet. It targets mainly the United States but is slowly starting creep into Australian territory.

Its official website suggests that it is the No 1 selling and the most potent and quickest working thermogenic fat burner in the world, a claim that is pretty hard to validate and substantiate.

Although OxyELITE Pro is billed as a mainstream fat burner it is really ideally suited for people who workout regularly  and keep in peak condition such as bodybuilders and athletes etc.

The casual dieter may not experience the full benefit and be left with the negatives of thermogenesis.

Better suited to athletes and bodybuilders, the casual diet would be better off buying another product.

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What Is OxyELITE Pro

As touched upon it is a fat burner, or super thermogenic  fat burner that targets fat loss primarily.

Thermogenesis is the process whereby the temperature of the body is heated so that it increases the body’s metabolic rate in turn allowing the body to be more mobile and burn more calories.

“thermogenesis can potentially be stimulated to increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation, boost metabolism by stimulating thermogenesis and also reduce hunger and appetite.” Wikipedia

Or, to put it more simply – Thermogenesis enables the body to burn excess body fat and also has the capability to reduce appetite and hunger


The key active ingredients are caffeine, dimethylamylamine, and cirsium oligophyllum.

OxyELITE Pro Benefits

The proposed benefits include:

  • Fat Loss – enables the body to burn fat
  • Improved Focus –  a higher level of concentration
  • Reduce Appetite – Restrict calorie consumprion
  • Higher Performance Level – for working out

Possible Side Effects

Should not pose any severe threat from side effects but could increase heart rate causing palpitations, could cause the jitters, anxiety and also nausea.

Anyone with an existing medial condition should not use. pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should also refrain from using.

Does OxyELITE Pro Work – Is It Recommended

Better suited to the bodybuilding enthusiast rather than the casual dieter. If you have a particularly energetic workout program then it is worth considering. If, however the intention is to lose body fat and you do not have a particularly active lifestyle another product would be better suited.

Where To Buy OxyELITE Pro In Australia

Purchases and orders are limited to the official website from an Australian perspective. Australian pharmacies such as Healthy Pharmacy, Pharmacy 4 Less, In2Health Pharmacy, Blooms The Chemist are unlikely to stock.

Alternative Similar Products

PhenQ reviewsPhenQ is prime example of a thermogenic fat burner targeted at the causal dieter. It can help the body lose on average 295 calories per day without participating in exercise.

PhenQ is formulated and based multiple weight loss mechanics of action including: fat burning, fat blocking and appetite suppressing

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