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Niacin – Boost HGH, Increase Blood Flow and Provide Vasodilation

Niacin – Boost HGH, Increase Blood Flow and Provide Vasodilation

Niacin what is itNiacin is also known as Vitamin B3. It’s an important nutrient that has so much to offer it is a common inclusion in supplements of all kinds. It is often added to smart drugs because it´s ability to provide vasodilation and improve mental focus and cognitive function by ensuring the brain receives extra oxygen and nutrients. Niacin’s ability to improve the circulation can also boost endurance levels while exercising, so it is a core ingredient in many sports supplements. It is even added to energy drinks, like Red Bull, because it helps the body to extract energy from food.

Any compound capable of helping people to focus more while training, while also improving endurance, and boosting energy levels can be of tremendous value to anyone who is hoping to maximize the benefits attained from their sporting/athletic endeavours. Research shows niacin has the ability to do these things and can further support athletes by supporting red blood cell production and offering protection against oxidative stress. It also has the power to stimulate the manufacture of extra human growth hormone (HGH).

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Niacin Boosting the Blood

Red blood cells are important because they carry oxygen around the body, but the rigours of hard exercise can sometimes damage the red blood cells, causing their numbers to be depleted. This can lead to a condition known as “sports anaemia”.

Niacin boosts blood

Niacin boosts red blood cell production, so people supplementing with a quality niacin-providing supplement are unlikely to have this issue to contend with. Niacin’s antioxidant abilities also furnish it with the ability to protect against exercise-induced oxidative stress. All of this is good, but nitrogen is generally better known for its abilities as a vasodilator.

Niacin For Improving Blood Flow

Niacin’s ability to provide vasodilation has been clinically proven. Vasodilation occurs when the blood vessels relax and dilate, allowing an increased amount of blood to pass through them. This can be very beneficial during exercise periods because the fact that the blood is freer pumping helps lower the blood pressure and takes some of the strain off the heart. The improvement to the circulation also ensures the muscles, brain, and other organs are fed with extra nutrients and an increased number of oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

The fact that the muscles have more nutrients and oxygen available means they can be worked harder because they do not become fatigued so quickly. The freer-circulating blood is also more capable of carrying away the workout-limiting lactic acid that builds up within the muscles while training.

Supplementation with niacin also ensure the blood circulates something else of value—human growth hormone (HGH).

Turning Back the Clock With Niacin

Human growth hormone is often called the body’s “fountain of youth” because of its alleged anti-ageing abilities. It enhances muscle growth, elevates testosterone levels, encourages fat burning, and delivers an energy boost. It has a lot to offer, but there’s a problem. Although children are blessed with naturally high levels of HGH (it helps them to grow), the secretion of HGH begins to drop-off during adolescence. By the age of 25, HGH levels are significantly reduced and they keep on dropping. This could be seen as a cruel trick on Mother Nature’s part, but she also appears to have provided a solution to the problem because a potent dose of niacin can stimulate the release of extra HGH.

Niacin HGH

A number of studies support the claims made about niacin’s ability to boost HGH. During one study, conducted in Denmark, niacin-providing supplements successfully elevated HGH levels by 400%. That is certainly a respectable increase, but the results of a study published in Hormones & Behaviour reveal the HGH boosting abilities of niacin are enhanced when the supplement is taken within a few hours of training. Other studies are equally supportive and HGH levels are often boosted by over 600%.

Potential Side Effects of Niacin

Niacin is generally tolerated well. It’s a vitamin, not a drug. However, the level of niacin provided by most supplements can cause a sensation known as “niacin flush”. The skin takes on a pinker appearance and the flushing is often accompanies by a tingling sensation and a feeling of heat to the skin (similar to that experienced while blushing). Niacin flush is not dangerous, the effects generally do not last long, and there are even people who find it quite pleasant. It is also worth noting, some of the more superior niacin supplements are designed to work in a way that limits the amount of flushing experienced.

Concluding Thoughts

Buy NiacinMax AustraliaSome people are so focussed on reaching the top of their game they are willing to risk taking pills and other supplements that contain ingredients that may endanger the health.

Niacin can provide so many benefits its beats most of these supplements hands down. There is no need for anyone to play a game of Russian roulette with their health. Niacin is safe and natural and it gets the job done.

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