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MetaboLife Ultra

MetaboLife Ultra

The people behind MetaboLife Ultra first dalliance into the diet supplement market was with a product called Metabolife 356. It showed tremendous promise initially but had to be scrapped since it contained Ephedra – a substance that is now virtually banned

Though this does not condemn them by any means, the manufacturers have since then only succeeded in bringing out products which have been mediocre at best. It shows that their lab wholly depended on the power of Ephedra to deliver rather than explore other healthier avenues.

With MetaboLife Ultra they have introduced an Ephedra free line but are again heavily depending on caffeine to show fast results. Not really good news for their users. While it has shown some sporadic results, news of side effects have also traveled in its wake making users wary of using it freely.

What It Claims to Do

Essentially a caffeine-based fat burner that claims to not just burn fat, but also control hunger pangs to aid in weight loss.

The official website suggests that the user take plenty of exercise and follow a healthy diet when they take these pills for optimum results.

Proper diet and regular workouts lead to weight management naturally. Why would anyone need an additional supplement when they have the time to do these is anybody’s guess.

The manufacturers boast that their key ingredient – the SuperCitrimax, will lead one to fast and effective weight loss in no time at all. By this they are relying on the powers of Garcinia Cambogia and Hydroxycitric Acid.

Though these ingredients are parts of many weight loss supplements, scientific evidence regarding their effectiveness is not very conclusive.

The official website shows no proof that there has been any clinical trials to corroborate their own claims. Besides, the use of these ingredients and caffeine does not show any path breaking achievement in any case.

The official website claims that Metabolife Ultra inhibits fat production, suppresses appetite, and reduces body fat while preserving lean muscles. The presence of caffeine acts as an energy booster.


  • The main ingredient Super CitriMax is a proprietary blend of Hydroxycitric Acid and Garcinia cambogia fruit extract.
  • Other than this the supplements contains Caffeine, Chromium Picolinate, Calcium, and the antioxidant Co-enzyme Q10.
  • Other Ingredients in the capsules consists of maltodextrin, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, dextrin, silica, dextrose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, soy lecithin, sodium citrate.
Worryingly, proprietary blend does not mention clearly the amount of caffeine truly present which makes it dangerous for the user, especially one who is sensitive to caffeine or suffers from chronic conditions.  None of these statements have been evaluated or approved by the FDA either.

Side Effects

The high dose of caffeine leads to insomnia, nervous and jittery feeling, restlessness, breathing problems, cardio vascular problems and increased heart rate, and increasing headaches. Those who are caffeine sensitive should definitely stay away.

Even those who are not may suffer from these symptoms. To top it all caffeine can be habit forming and too much caffeine intake may lead to dependency. Sudden stop may even lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers and people who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension should refrain using this product.

Customer Success Stories or Complaints

Mixed reviews suggest that this product has worked for some while it didn’t for others. Most users are however of the opinion that for the price this product does not stand out to be as effective or safe.

Where To Buy MetaboLife Ultra In Australia, Stockists

Availability in Australia offline is restricted with GNC and the major chemists chemists and pharmacies unlikely to sell. The best purchasing options are via the official website and some 3rd party independent stockists.

If you are desperate there is always eBay and Amazon – although we have warned against buying ingestible health supplements numerous times from this kind of supplier.

Alternative Diet Pills

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