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Lida Daidaihua Weight Loss Supplement – Is It a Scam

Lida PillsLida Daidaihua is a weight loss supplement produced in China and marketed via a number of “official” websites.

Whether the company that makes the product actually own any of the websites is hard to say, but a report on the ScamBook website suggests not all the product being marketed is genuine.

There is also good reason for concern over the potential for harm that may be associated with use of the pills. The American FDA says it is a “tainted” product that may endanger the user’s health.

Lida Daidaihua Marketing Claims

One of the websites marketing the product promises weight losses of over 30lbs in a month.

Another of the sites state use of the pills can:

  • Control fat intake
  • Promote satiety
  • Smooth the intestines and relax the bowels

Lida Daidaihua Key Ingredients

Only two of the sites provide any a list of ingredients used in the formulation, but neither site provides inclusion rates of states if this is a complete list of all ingredients used.

  • Daidaihua:  The Chinese name for the ingredient the western world calls bitter orange (citrus aurantium). The active ingredient is a compound called synephrine. It is believed to provide thermogenic fat burning, and some studies indicate the claims may be true, but there are concerns over the potential side effects and many experts believe more testing is necessary.
  • Job’s-tears: Also called adlay, or Chinese pearl barley, job’s tear’s gets its name from its tear-like shape. A study conducted on laboratory rats indicates job’s tears may have value in the future as a treatment for high cholesterol, but it has never been proven to be effective for weight loss provider.
  • Cassia Seed: The main value the seeds provide is as a laxative. There is no evidence to suggest cassia seed can exert a direct influence on body weight or BMI. There may be indirect benefits, however, because the laxative action the seeds provide may help clear the bowel of unhealthy build-ups of waste and provide a detoxifying effect. This could improve bowel health and improve the digestion. Cassia seed can also be a problematic ingredient though, and is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Mulberry Leaf: White mulberry is often used in the treatment of diabetes, and may also prove useful for lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. But its true value is as a treatment for those conditions has yet to be defined and it has never been proven capable of assisting weight loss.
Usage Instructions

The usage instructions are a little vague. Only one site provides any information on this. The correct dosage appears to be just one capsule each day, but if a specific time is required the site fails to mention it.

Lida Daidaihua Customer Feedback

Some of the sites provide testimonials that are attributed to satisfied customers.

“I have used the lida daidaihua weight loss capsules for 2 months. i have lost 30 lbs. it really works great. I am satisfied! thanks!”

“Hi guys, I used it for 10 days now, it is amazing, lost 4 lbs so far, very happy with this lida diet pills.”

“I have not finished the bottle yet, but it does seem to suppress my appetite without making me feel uncomfortable.”

Independent reviews would be more desirable, but are not available.

Possible Side Effects

All potential users are advised to seek medical advice before using this product.

Where To Buy Lida Pills

Lida Pills Australia and NZAll of the “official” websites provide an electronic cart for customers who wish to purchase the product, and bottles of pills are also often available on eBay.

Most of the sites offer bulk-buy incentives, but the fact that at least two of the sites offer prices on orders that consist of over 100 items, suggests the site owner(s) may also be selling wholesale.

The price per bottle is generally around USD$ 16, but people who buy big (150 bottles) secure a discount of around 60%.

Recommended Alternative

best diet pillsWe recommend products based on not only their efficacy but also several other factors such as safety, customer service, longevity, consumer/customer feedback and value for money.

We believe that products such as PhenQ and Garcinia Cambogia lead the way.

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