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Libbera Appetite Suppressant Review

Libbera Appetite Suppressant Review

Review of LibberaA lot of people have contacted us asking for a Libbera diet pill review. We were happy to oblige, but it turned out to be a difficult product to evaluate. For one thing, the official website does not provide much information about the pills. It also lacks an “about us” page, so we found it difficult to find out who is responsible for bringing the product to market.

The terms and conditions page also proved hard to find. It is only accessible from the order page, but once we found it we managed to discover the pills are marketed by Obesity Research Institute.

The company is also responsible for Lipozene and, like Libbera it’s a glucomannan powered appetite suppressant. We did some further digging and discovered Obesity Research Institute also used to market two other glucomannan products.

One was called Propolene. The other was called FiberThin. The marketing campaigns for both products involved the use of television infomercials. The same can be said for Libbera and Lipozene. We think it is likely that the company only has one product and markets it under a number of different names.

Libbera appetite sippressant

What the Formulation is Designed to Do 

  • Suppress hunger
  • Support healthy blood sugar
  • Support healthy cholesterol

The Active Ingredients 

The only active ingredient identified is glucomannan. Its a plant extract that can absorb large quantities of water. The hydration process causes the plant fibers to expand. For this reason, glucomannan-providing supplements have to be taken with plenty of water. When the fibers expand in the stomach it suppresses the appetite and allows the supplement user to eat less food without having to suffer the customary hunger pangs. The ingredient has proven abilities, but the European Food Safety Authority states it has to be used in conjunction with a calorie-reduced diet. The FSA also states 3 x 1g doses are necessary, one before each of the main meals of the day.

Libbera Customer Comments and Testimonials

Extensive online searches failed to unearth any customer reviews or testimonials. However, we did discover numerous complains about Obesity Research Institute and their other product, Lipozene. The company has also had a run in with the Federal Trade Commission, for making misleading claims that violated federal law.

Libbera Side Effects 

Glucomannan is unlikely to cause side effects, but Libbera will not be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. Anyone who has existing health issues should get a doctor’s advice before using Libbera or starting any form of new weight management routine. People who are using medication will also need to seek medical advice prior to starting to supplement their diet with Libbera.

Purchasing Libbera

Libbera appears to be exclusive to the libbera.com website. The price is $29.95 per bottle and Obesity Research Institute seem to have an ongoing offer that provides customer with two bottles of pills for the price of one. The company also offers customers the chance to buy Libbera via autoship. We advise against using this option because a fresh consignment of pills is shipped every month. Such arrangements are generally more trouble than they are worth and can often be difficult to cancel.


Obesity Research Institute promise a 30-money back guarantee.

The Final Word

Obesity Research Institute make three claims for their product. Only two of them hold water. It’s true that glucomannan has the ability to suppress the appetite.

It can also lower cholesterol levels, but the EFSA state it is unlikely to alter blood sugar levels. However, the fact of the matter is, glucomannan is a very good appetite suppressant.

The only problem is it is unclear if Libbera provides the necessary amount. We think it is probable that it does, but when we zoomed in on a picture of the label we discovered each bottle only provides 15 doses.

PhenQ reviewsIf three doses are needed a day, and it seems likely this will be the case, a bottle will only last five days. This will make Libbera an expensive product to use.

Our recommended product, PhenQ, would prove to be much cheaper and it offers a combination of appetite suppression, fat burning, fat blocking, and several other benefits. Better still, thousands of customer reviews prove it delivers the goods. Libbera simply cannot compare.

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