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Ketone Balance Duo Review

Ketone Balance Duo – Does It Work, Positives and Negatives, Where To Buy

Ketone Balance AustraliaKetone Balance Duo is the combination of raspberry ketone and green coffee bean, two natural fat burning ingredients that have dominated the natural diet pill industry since the start of the year.

With the naturally derived proving to be more popular with consumers than chemically engineered products,  superfruit and superfood based products have now emerged as the number one gener of commercial diet pill

There are many dozens of brands that contain either raspberry ketone of green coffee bean but this is our first encounter witha product that not only contains both but such as high strength of each.

It is difficult to say whether raspberry ketone is a ‘better’ fat burning ingredient than green coffee… this is of course is irrelevent as Ketone Balance Duo contains both in equal measure – Jamie Forrest, Health Tribune

What Is Ketone Balance Duo

Ketone Balance Duo WebsiteAs touched upon in our intro, it is the partnership of two of the most popular and successful fat burning ingredients on the market.

Where in the past manufacturers would concentrate on the lead ingredient the manufacturers of Ketone Balance Duo have placed equal emphasis and importance on both raspberry ketone and green coffee bean. This is obviously how the brand name (Balance and Duo) evolved.

This though, tells just half the story – there are two other ingredients included in the formula. Green tea (a natural anti-oxidant) and guarana extra (a natural appetite suppressant and metabolism booster).

Such is the perception of raspberry ketone and green coffee that the green tea element barely gets a mention on the official adverting and marketing material.

How Does Ketone Balance Work

Raspberry KeytoneBoth raspberry ketone and green coffee bean work in much the same way. They firstly are extremely effective at burning excess levels of existing fat. The second process is to prevent the creation of new fat cells.

Both ingredients are natural and can help users reduce their existing fat content and prevent the accumulation of ‘new’ fat content.

Green Coffee BeanThe guarana element serves to help suppress appetite and reducing daily calorie intake while green tea has wondeful detoxing properties and can help to cleanse the system from within.

All in all the four ingredients compliment one an other perfectly – it hard to conjure a better combination of natural ingredients.

Any Media Exposure

Both raspberry ketone and green coffee bean have had more than their fair share of press exposure. Below are two video’s that underline the importance of both of these natural ingredients.

Ketone Balance Side Effects

All four ingredients are perfectly natural are not noted for their side effects. It should go without saying that if you are pregnant or nursing you should discuss with you doctor prior to using any diet supplement or weight loss product.

Where To Buy Ketone Balance Duo

Buy Ketone Balance DuoAvailable to order from the official website only, the sole stockists for all the world. It is currently prices very competitively when you consider you are getting both 200mg of raspberry ketone and 200mg of green coffee.

There are also price breaks for multiple months purchases and free delivery anywhere in the world on the larger packages.

There is also a 30 day money back guarantee.

Click here to view special offers on the official Ketone Balance Duo website

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