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Are Wu-Long Green Tea Capsules the Ancient Secret to Weight Loss?

Wu-Long Green Tea Capsules Review

Wu Long Green Tea Diet PillsOne of the latest trends in losing weight is to rely on natural ingredients that are safe to use and highly effective in helping you drop pounds. One of the more popular natural resources is green tea.

There is already a lot of information about the benefits of green tea and how it has special properties that can improve your health.

But does it possess those same unique properties when it comes to helping you lose weight? The makers of Wu-Long Green Tea capsules think so.

What Are Wu-Long Green Tea Capsules?

green teaWu-Long Green Tea capsules is made by Okuma Nutritionals LLC based in Denver, Colorado. Their capsules contain a form of oolong tea that comes from the Wuyi Mountains in China.

According to the manufacturer, it contains twice the level of polyphenols found in other green teas. What is impressive about polyphenols is that they are a powerful antioxidant that can help your body resist serious illnesses and diseases.

They do this by removing free radicals from your body that can damage your cells and tissues. When it comes to weight loss, polyphenols are known to increase metabolism so you burn more fat. This is why green tea is used in so many weight loss supplements today.

The makers of Wu-Long Green Tea capsules claim that you can burn 220% more calories with their product than if you used another green tea. They even say you can lose weight without making any diet or lifestyle modifications.

The recommendation is to take one capsule fifteen minutes before breakfast and a second capsule fifteen minutes before your next meal.

Both should be taken with a full glass of water. It is also recommended that you do not take the capsules close to bed time since it contains caffeine and may disrupt your sleep. And if you simply want to maintain your weight, you only need to take one capsule a day fifteen minutes before you eat lunch.

The Positives of Wu-Long Green Tea Capsules

There is nothing inherently wrong with this product. It contains something that is said to provide many overall benefits when it comes to your health and weight loss. There is a lot of research done on green tea and oolong tea and most of it has been positive. And if you do not like the taste of tea, consuming it through a capsule is a safe alternative.

The Negatives of Wu-Long Green Tea Capsules

Aside from the benefits of green tea, there is not much else that this product has going for itself. First off, promoting a weight loss product while telling customers they can still eat what they want and not exercise is downright irresponsible. These capsules are far from a magic pill that will instantly make you lose weight without any regard for activity level or diet.

The website offers research, but it is shoddy and exaggerated at best. Green tea has its benefits, but not to the extent the manufacturer claims its capsules offer. Plus, there is limited information on the exact contents of the capsules on the website so you may wonder what it is exactly you are taking to lose weight.

The product is also more expensive than most other weight loss supplements. In fact, it is significantly cheaper to buy green tea bags and drink those.

Finally, the company has an automatic billing system that seems to run into snafus. This is often a problem for customers as they continually get billed for product they did not receive. And the customer service department leaves a lot to be desired as well which does not help either.

Should You Try Wu-Long Green Tea Capsules?

For the price and the lack of concrete evidence, you are better off not investing any time or money in this product. The mere fact that their research seems manipulated and that they do not even advocate changing your lifestyle for the better is a strong indication that they are simply throwing the green tea name into their product knowing people will instantly respond and buy it.

It probably will not take you very long to realize that you wasted your money when, after a month, you do not lose much, if any, weight. Simply put—green tea is good for you, but not in this product.

Where To Buy

One box of Wu-Long Green Tea contains a one-month supply of sixty capsules for fifty-seven dollars. There is an option to buy a three-month supply for $127 or a five-month supply for $197. Purchases can be made from the official website as well as several third party stockists including Amazon.

Recommended Alternative

Superfruit Slim reviewA product that comes highly recommend is Superfruit Slim – containing not only a high proliferation of green tea but also other natural ingredients and superfoods such as raspberry ketone, acai berry and African mango.

Superfruit Slim is available to buy direct and the current best pricing is the 4 month package which works out to be $32.50 per bottle.

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