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Verdesse Green Coffee Bean Pills

Verdesse Green Coffee Tablets

Verdess Green Coffee tablets £14 diet pillGreen coffee bean tablets have been heavily featured in the press in recent weeks culminating in a rather jingoistic article in the Daily Mail. The British tabloid has ran an article entitled “the £14 diet pill that is the talk of Tinsletown” while associating Demi Moore, J-Lo and Katy Perry as proposed celebrity advocates.

The article goes on to say that green coffee tablets have a profound weight loss effect and can lead to a 10% fat loss.  While we are totally in favour of green coffee as a weight loss aid, the article is promoting the brand Verdesse a little too much for our liking.

What Are Verdesse Green Coffee Bean Tablets 

Green coffee bean tabletsA commercial brand that utilizes the concept of using green coffee to help burn fat and suppress appetite. Green coffee beans are just the same as regular beans that you would find at you local supermarket but in their unroasted and unprocessed form – just as nature intended.

The proprietary ingredient is a decaffeinated green coffee extract called Svetol that has a large concentration of active compounds called chlorogenic acids otherwise known as CGA. CGA has been linked to several health benefits in recent years, it is a highly effect antioxidant agent and also can aid the fat burning process

Green Coffee Diet Pill In Daily MailJ-Lo, Demi Moore and Katy Perry have all been linked with Green Coffee pills to help control their weight although specific brand has ever been mentioned. Verdesse are trying to link their brand with the celebrity circuit which is a very popular tactic nowadays.

There are several brands that can equal and even better Verdesse’s offering. Although we must say that other than Holland and Barrett’s product we have not seen a cheaper one.

How Does Verdesse Work

Works in much the same way a majority of green coffee bean diet pills. Green coffee is highly effective at raising the metabolism so that calories are burned more efficiently, even without exercising and at rest.

Green Coffee can also help to stabilize sugar levels so that the body does not store fat unnecessarily and only stores what it needs to.

It is also an excellent anti-oxidant – helping the body rid itself of toxins that build up over time.

‘My clients have been going crazy for green coffee bean pills,’ a well-respected Hollywood nutritionist revealed in an interview with Grazia.

Are There Any Side Effects

There have not been reports of any severe side effects if taken as suggested. However, taking more than the recommended dosage can create nausea, anxiety and in some cases high blood pressure.

Is Verdesse Recommended

Green coffee is highly recommended but the brand Verdesse can be overlooked.

Where To Buy Verdesse Green Coffee Bean Pills

Available from the Natures Best website.

Recommended Green Coffee Diet Pills

Dr ozThe pick of the bunch is GCB Max – a high strength brand that offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

GCB Max was one fo the first product to get caught in the DR Oz furore, when the TV celebrity doctor told the nation (America) that Green Coffee is the most existing fat los product to ever be discovered and could turn your body into a fat burning machine. Not one for an understatement is Dr Mehmet Oz

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