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Garcinia Cambogia Extra – Fat Burner

Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Garcinia Cambogia Extra AustraliaGarcinia Cambogia Extra is arguably Australia’s newest and hottest weight loss product. It contains, as you would imagine, Garcinia Cambogia – the natural substance that has everyone connected with the industry talking about it as well as 200mg of raspberry ketone.

This wonderful Indonesian fruit has been used for centuries by the indigenous population but it is only recently that it has been exported for use in the western world as a commercial product and used to its full potential.

“Garcinia Cambogia has been a revelation since it’s introduction to the weight loss industry. The only caveat that can be applied is the proliferation of different brands that have arrived into the market place. There is a world of difference between Garcinia Cambogia Extra and some of the weaker brands.” Anthony Thomas, Diet Critic

Garcinia Cambogia Extra now available in Australia – click here for special offers

What Is Garcinia Cambogia

It is essentially a fruit as briefly alluded to above, it is looks similar in appearance to a pumpkin and sometimes referred to or known alternatively as a tamarind.

It is familiar to South-East Asia, particular Indonesia where it has had many uses both culinary and medicinal. It is used to flavour traditional curries and also used to help a multitude of ailments pertaining to the stomach, bowel and colon.

It is it’s connection and benefit to weight loss that is most of interest and has propelled this fruit into the spotlight with no small thanks to glowing testimonies by Dr Oz who has christened it “the holy grail of weight loss’

Clinical studies have shown an increase in weight loss as high as three times more than those not taking any Garcinia Cambogia Extract, which resulted in up to 10lbs / 4.5 KG or more per month without change to diet or exercise

Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Arguably the best example of a brand currently in circulation and available to Australia is Garcinia Cambogia Extra. It is also the best value. Not only is there 500mg of Garcinia per capsule but also 200mg of raspberry ketone.

Watch the video below just to see how the ingredient can inhibit fat production. You may have sit through a few seconds of advertising before.

What Does Garcinia Cambogia Do For Weight Loss

  • Firstly acts as a fat blocker – a portion of the fat from the food that you consume is preventing from being absorbed and simply passes through your body naturally without adding to your fat storage or reserves
  • Suppress appetite – prevent the feelings of hunger before during and after a meal. This can prevent snacking between meals and also helps to reduce portion control
  • Burns fat – can help to burn excess fat cells and convert fat cells into energy
  • Can increase serotonin levels – serotonin is responsible for mood, a large percentage of overweight people eat due to unhappiness, it is a viscous circle that needs to be broken.

Any Side Effects Or Cause For Concern

There are not reported side effects of normal use. Nor have there been nay side effects reported from the use of commercial products.

Where To Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extra In Australia

Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extra AustraliaArguably the best example of a commercial product is Garcinia Cambogia Extra – it is a premium product that contains 100% pure fruit extract and does not contain any filler ingredients. In addition to Garcinia there is 200mg of raspberry ketone.

It is available to buy direct from the official website and ships to all countries including Australia. Once you buy the product you become enrolled in their weight loss programme and can track your progress.

The best value deal is the buy 3 and get 3 free deal which works out to be around AU$35 per bottle

Click here visit official website


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