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5:2 Fast Formula Review

5:2 Fast Formula – The Appetite Suppressant That Can Be Used With Fasting Diets

5:2 fast formula australiaThe 5:2 Fast Formula is an appetite suppressant that has been created to work in conjunction with calorie restricted or fasting diets.

Fasting type diets are incredibly popular and incredibly effective – there is expert opinion that suggests it can also add to life longevity.

The main concerns that have been levelled at fasting diet plans particularly the 5:2 diet is that it is quite hard to keep at it and users may be denying themselves essentials vitamins and minerals – the 5:2 Fast Formula addresses both of these issues … and rather well

52 fast formula websiteReducing or restricting daily calorie consumption is accepted to be one of if not the best form of permanent and sustainable weight loss.

The hard part is sticking to the diet. The 5:2 Fast Formula is designed to help you stick to your diet

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What is The 5:2 Formula 

why the 5-2 diet may failAs mentioned above it is a potent appetite suppressant that is made from natural ingredients that is ideal for dieters who are a calorie controlled or restrictive diet – this should basically be suitable for every valid diet as the best diets have to have some sort of calorie control.

The most popular diet currently is the 5:2 diet whereby users can eat relatively normally for 5 days of the week but 2 days they have restrict themselves to just 25% of their usual daily calorie intake – this around 500 for a woman and 600 for a man.

The 5:2 diet have not only been incredibly popular but incredibly effective – but the biggest reason why users fail is falling foul to the inevitable hunger pangs – the 5:2 Fast Formula eliminates this.

What Are The Ingredients

Konjac rootThe main or key ingredient is Konjac root – also know a glucomannan. Konjac has been a main staple food in the South east Asian cultures for centuries, it is packed full of essential minerals and vitamins.

Its main benefit is its ability to suppress appetite – it contains almost zero calories and can quell even the most ravenous appetite.

The other ingredients that are included are minerals such as iron and copper plus B vitamins.

What Are Fasting Diets

Michael Mosley Fast DietThe most popular and well known fasting diet presently is the 5:2 diet, as touched on above. British medical journalist Dr Michael Mosley has created his own variation on the theme. It is called the FAST DIET – lose weight, stay healthy and live longer – a philosophy that is well worth following.

Dr Mosley’s Fast Diet is set out in his best selling book titled the ‘Fast Diet’ would you believe.

If you are unfamiliar with Michael Mosley google him and watch some material has done for the BBC on youtube. He is an extremely likeable chap that participates in his own experiments including the Fast Diet in which he lost several KG.

Is The 5:2 Fast Formula Worth Buying

If you intend on embarking on a diet of some description buy the 52 Fast Formula it is as simple as that.

Highly Recommended

Where To Buy The 5-2 Fast Formula 

5:2 Fast Formula AustraliaIt is available to buy directly from the official website. Shipping is to practically every country including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

There is option to buy bulk at a quantity discount, the best value presently is the buy 3 and get 3 free option which obviously equates to each bottle halving in price.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee – so if you decide your results are not what you expected you get a refund, good eh!

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