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Facelift Gym Review

Facelift Gym – The natural method to get rid of bags and dark circles under your eyes

facelift Gym boxFacelift Gym is unlike any other product on the market today designed specifically to reduce or eliminate the bags under your eyes and or dark circles.

From the ground up, the team at Facelift Gym developed and designed the mechanics of Facelift Gym based upon similar fitness equipment found in modern fitness studios today.

Vibration and electrical impulse technology have been around for over 20 years and have been successfully used to tone and develop muscles, reduce cellulite, rejuvenate and return the elasticity in the skin, and to lose fat in specific areas.

From Madonna to Courtney Cox, from Formula 1 drivers to tennis players, from the cashier at the check out to the person just looking to lose a few pounds and tone their body, vibration and electrical stimulation technology is being used today by millions of people worldwide to reach their personal fitness goals.

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How does Facelift Gym work

The fact is your face is made up of 70 individual muscles, and each and every one of those muscles can be trained like any other muscle in your body.

Unfortunately the muscles under the eyes almost never see any form of physical fitness due to it’s position on the body, and like any muscle when it is not being used, blood does not circulate (leading to dark circles) and fat deposits (leading to bags under the eyes).

How Facelift Gym works

Since 2009, Facelift Gym has taken the vibration and electrical stimulation used in toning machines and fitness studios today and integrated those technologies into the first ever fitness machine designed for the sole purpose to reduce or eliminate the bags or dark circles under your eyes with unrivalled success.,

Facelift Gym in the PressIt has featured in the press in several countries – reported in the German “Bild der Frau”, the French Beauty Magazines “Cote Sante” and “Cote Beauty” as well as being awarded in 2011 a “Beauty Spot” from the online magazine “Trusted Beauty Guide” for innovation and results. Facelift Gym has turned out to be the true fitness alternative to creams and operations to reduce or eliminate the bags or dark circles under your eyes.

Facelift Gym works like any other fitness machine, through the expansion and contraction of the muscles under the eyes, the blood will start to circulate reducing the appearance of dark circles which are a result of poor blood flow under the eyes as well as reduce the bags under the eyes by literally training away the fat exactly like one would on their legs, arm or buttocks.

How to use Facelift Gym

Yet, it must be remembered that Facelift Gym is not a quick fix, it is a long term solution and should be used in the same way someone would use a fitness studio. Start off slowly, on the lowest level and get used to using the machine.

facelift Gym Product range

Take at least a 48 hour break between workouts, so only 2-3 times a week, cool down the area after your workout with a cold spoon, cucumber or a cooling mask, and don’t forget to also focus on your lifestyle, drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and get a good nights sleep and most importantly stop using creams under your eyes, your skin can absorb the fats and oils in creams (especially the area under your eyes) and through the use of eye creams and oils can, and will, actually make the bags under your eyes or dark circles worse over time.

Fitness has always been a solution to tone and train your muscles, even the ones under your eyes.

Where To Buy Facelift Gym

It is available exclusively from the official website. Shipping is worldwide and fast.

Prices start from £49.90 for the complete set of products. Individual components are also available to purchase separately.

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