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Decaslim Review Australia

Decaslim, according to its own marketing material is more than just a diet pill, it goes beyond offering just a weight loss solution. The manufacturers promise not only will you burn 400% more fat but your acne will all but disappear as well.

The concept of Superfoods are well documented and should be introduced to anyones diet irrespective of any weight loss ambition.

The manufacturers of Decaslim appear to have well and truly jumped on the bandwagon and lead with the concept despite the product being somewhat loosely associated with superfoods at best.

What Is Decaslim

The product is loosely based on the concept of superfoods. Decaslim has natural ingredients that form the basis of the formulation including a combination of safflower oil, fiber, and broccoli with a sprinkling of green tea, as a source of caffeine.

The full ingredients list is as follows

  • Green Tea: can accelerate calorie burning, increases metabolism, and suppresses appetite.
  • Safflower Oil: lowers body fat, provides efficient calorie burning, prevents fat cells from re-filling.
  • Dietary Fiber: restricts food cravings, aids satiety and maintains your digestive system.
  • Blueberries: releases protective antioxidants, neutralizes free radicals, boosts metabolism, and lowers cholesterol.
  • Broccoli: a rich source of vitamins A & C, regulates liver and intestine health, provides antioxidants.
  • Spinach: maintains blood sugar levels, a source of vitamins C & E, slows down the ageing process.
  • Flaxseed: increases energy levels, good for heart health, raises immune system.
  • Tomato: safeguards against DNA and cell damage, a rich source of lycopene, improves cardiovascular health.
  • Garlic: releases allicin which maintains healthy cholesterol levels and circulatory efficiency.
  • Resveratrol: fights against cancer cells, good for the heart, repairs cells and tissue from free radical damage.

Decaslim Side-effects

There are no negative side to speak of that have been reported as long as the product is used in accordanace with the manufacturers directives.

Anyone with an existing health issue or complaint should get clearance from a doctor prior to using

Does DecaSlim Work  – Is It Recommended

The ingredients combined are lacking in scientific and clinical evidence. There is also arguably too many ingredients and not enough or a high enough concentration of any one specific ingredient.

Concentrated versions of fiber, broccoli, and blueberries can cause reactions that are very different from those you might experience if you ate them the way they appear in nature.

There is also a distinct lack of customer comments and testimonials.

Where To Buy DecaSlim In Australia

Availability it limited to the official website. There is not a pharmacy or chemist that is likely to stock Decaslim over the counter in Australia

Alternative Diet Pill

There are several products that could be recommended over and above Decaslim. Continuing on the natural theme, perhaps the best alternative would be African Mango.

African Mango is extremely beneficial to weight loss and can also fight fatigue. American health ‘evangelist’ has described African Mango as being the “weight loss miracle in your cupboard that could you lose 10lbs”

Read about African Mango



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