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Clean 9 Review

Clean 9, F.I.T. 1, F.I.T. 2

Clean 9 is a detoxification program marketed by Forever Living. It consists of five different supplements and a diet plan.

The five supplements are:

Clean91. Aloe Vera Gel (2 X 1 lighter bottle)
2. Forever Lite Ultra Shake (1 pouch)
3. Forever Garcinia Plus (54 softgels)
4. Forever Therm (18 tablets)
5. Forever Fiber (9 sticks)

Forever Living claims Clean 9 can help the user to transform their diet and fitness within nine days, but fails to provide any information about how the results will be achieved.

The Advertised benefits are:

• Weight Loss
• Weight Management
• Cleanse
• Health

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The Clean 9 Detox in Action

The manufacturer does not provide any information about how the product works, but detox supplements contain ingredients that have been chosen for their ability (alleged or proven) to purge the body of the various toxins that have collected up inside it. Some toxins, such as free radicals, are obtained from food, others from the environment, and still others are produced as a bi-product of normal biological processes. When toxins build up in the body it can have a negative effect on the health. The metabolism can also be impaired, leading to weight gain and feelings of lethargy.

If the products included in the Clean 9 detoxification program can successfully purge the body of toxins the metabolism should become more efficient and burn more calories. This will, of course, support the weight loss process and the fact that meals are being replaced by shakes should help to lower the calorie intake quite significantly.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera is known to provide a laxative effect, so it may help to purge the bowels.

Forever Lite Ultra Shake: Contains soy protein. This should help to feed the muscles and assist cellular repair.

Forever Garcinia Plus: Garcinia cambogia provides hydroxycitric acid, which can support the weight loss process by suppressing the appetite and interfering with the body’s ability to turn excess calories into fat.
Forever Therm: The tablets provide guarana and camellia sinensis leaf extract. Guarana is a fruit that is rich in caffeine, but releases it slowly for longer lasting benefits. Caffeine is good for providing extra energy and is also a mild appetite suppressant. It can further support the weight loss process by speeding the metabolism. Camellia sinensis provides a further dose of caffeine, along with antioxidants that may help purge the body of free radicals and other toxins.

Forever Fiber: Provides corn fibre and acacia gum. Both are sources of fibre, so it is feasible that Forever Fiber may provide provide a feeling of satiety and also cleanse the bowels by acting as a laxative.

Usage Instructions – No food is allowed for the first two days. Only meal replacement shakes and supplements. Use of the shakes and supplements continues from day three onwards, but it is permissible to eat food that has been prepared in accordance with the recipes included in the pack.

Customer Comments

Some customers claim the product worked well from them, others state the opposite.

A few standard comments read:

“I lost 7 pounds during my detox and the weight stayed off.”
“Nasty, nasty stuff. The aloe vera is nauseating and this is the only detox that has given me a headache. I may have dropped a pound or two its wasn’t worth the negative aspects.”
“I’ve been using Clean 9 for 8 days and have not felt so good in years. My energy levels are up, my skin looks better, and I’ve lost around 1kg.”
“Absolute murder! I’ve used detox products before, but never one like this. It gave me terrible stomach cramps.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Forever Living fails to state if any side effects have been reported, but negative issues can never be ruled out with any form of dietary supplement because people can respond to ingredients in different ways. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid using any form of dietary supplement unless it´s use has been approved by their doctor. The same advice holds true for people who have existing health issues and individuals who are taking medication.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

Where to Buy Clean 9

Clean 9 comes in a choice of two flavours (vanilla and chocolate) and has a price tag of €121 (price correct at the time of this review) when purchased via Forever Living´s online store. It is also possible to make a purchase via the Amazon marketplace.

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