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CitriTherm review – with Sinetrol

CitriTherm Natural Fat Burner Review

Citritherm reviewCitriTherm is a natural fat burner manufactured in the United Kingdom by Evolution Slimming. The company is one of the most respected supplement manufacturer’s in Europe, but fat burners are an incredibly common type of supplement.

The market is already saturated. CitriTherm will need to be pretty special if it’s got a hope in hell of standing out from the crowd.

In the following review we take a closer look at CitriTherm and try to ascertain if it is likely to be the big-shot “high strength fat burner” the manufacturer claims it is.

The Benefits of CitriTherm

  • Scientifically tested fat burning formulation
  • 100% pure & natural
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Harnesses the fat burning powers of citrus fruits
  • Low in caffeine
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Provides weight loss without jitters or side effects
  • Suitable for continuous use

When we see a product that claims to be suitable for continuous use we have to ask ourselves how good it really is because if it needs to be used continuously it isn’t doing its job. But we are aware the weight loss process can take some time. People who have let their weight get badly out of hand will have a big job ahead of them, and many supplements contain ingredients that are not suitable for prolonged use. Citrus fruits, present no worries at all, so we are going to let this one slide.

How Does CitriTherm Work?

Evolution Slimming claim CitriTherm can stimulate lipolysis by inhibiting phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE-4). That sounds like an attempt to blind dieters with science, but we did some research and discovered the theory is sound. Any formulation that can inhibit PDE-4 can encourage the breakdown of triglycerides in the fat cells, enabling them to be released as fatty acids and glycerol. Putting it plain and simple, inhibiting PDE-4 should cause fat burning and discourage the formation of new fat cells.

That sounds good to us, but it’s all just hot air if the ingredients are not up to the job, so we’d better take a look at that next.

CitriTherm Ingredients

Citritherm IngredientsThe most import ingredient is a proprietary blend that contains extracts taken from grapefruit, sweet orange, and blood orange. It’s called Sinetrol and it’s made in France by a company called Fxtexia. As far as we can see CitriTherm appears to be the only supplement that uses Sinetrol, but that may change in the future because several scientific studies suggest it’s an ingredient that works for weight loss.

The participants in one scientific study were given daily doses of Sinetrol for 12 weeks and lost 22% more body fat than the participants in the placebo group. The average weight loss was 5.6kg.

Another study was equally supportive of the ingredients abilities. The study had duration of 12 weeks and 95 overweight individuals took part.

Once group was given a placebo twice each day, the other received two daily (450mg) doses of Sinetrol. Both groups continued to eat a normal diet and exercised for 30 minutes each week.

By the end of the study period the Sinetrol group showed a 9.73% decrease in abdominal fat (6.5% more than the placebo group). The recommended CitriTherm dose provides an amount of Sinetrol that corresponds to the amount used in the study, so it should deliver comparable results, and the capsule’s Sinetrol content is supported by three other ingredients.

Green tea is also a proven fat burner and is probably one of the most common diet pill inclusions in the world. Zinc can be an effective weight loss provider as well and is often used to boost testosterone production. Higher testosterone levels can assist the growth of quality muscle tissue and this can only be a good thing because muscle tissue burns calories faster than fatty tissue. The final ingredient, chromium, has a longstanding reputation as a fat burner and can help balance blood sugar levels.

How to Use CitriTherm – Two (1 capsule) doses are required each day. The first dose of the day should be taken with breakfast and the second dose at lunchtime.

What Customers Have to Say About CitriTherm

Customer comments are hard to locate, but nobody appears to have a bad word to say about the product.

A couple of average comments read:

“A bonza fat burner that gets the job done without causing any nasty side effects.”

“I never thought it would work, but it does. I’ve been losing around 5pounds per week and there are no side effects.”

Side Effects From CitriTherm

Evolution Slimming state CitriTherm can provide weight loss without side effects. This is probably true because none of the ingredients should cause any problems and we were unable to find any customer comments that indicate otherwise. We also noticed the Evolution Slimming website is “Doctor Trusted” website. Doctor Trusted is a 100% independent certification service that does not endorse any website that makes unreasonable health claims.

The Final Evaluation

CitriTherm contains a level of Sinterol that has been proven to be effective for weight loss. The capsules also boast a few other ingredients that have the potential to enhance the results obtained. Past customers say the product works, and the manufacturers guarantee it will, so this is one is a no-brainer. CitriTherm has earned our confidence. It’s a quality supplement that should deliver very good results.

Buying Options

Citritherm OrderCitriTherm is only available from the Evolution Slimming Website. A month’s supply of capsules costs $87 and bulk buy discounts are available.

Shippig is worldwide and there is a 30 day guarantee on all orders.

Visit Evolution Slimming website

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