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The Different Kinds Of Diet Pills That Are Available

The Definitive Guide To Buying Diet Pills Online

If you have the made the decision to use a diet pill and currently deliberating which diet pill to use then this guide should provide some insight and honesty – it may even dissuade you from buying altogether.

The diet pill industry just as in any other has a variation of reputable and despicable companies and everything inbetween. It is our job (and the job of other similar diet pill review type websites) to try to highlight and reward the good while drawing attention and warning about the bad.

There are several important contributors that should affect your decision making. The primary factors are obviously does it work and is it safe for me use followed by does this particular product fit with my diet and lifestyle, then there is course cost. Expensive does not necessarily mean best and cheap does not necessarily mean worst.

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of diet products. The internet has made buying diet pills extremely accessible. Couple this with the recent trend of celebrities associating themselves to certain diet pill brands (The Kardashians anyone?) and the wight loss weapon of choice is undoubtedly one that is swallowed.

Coming back around to the internet – it is a fantastic and huge resource for information but can often produce untruths and contradictions, don’t believe everything you read online!

What Are The Different Kinds Of Diet Pills 

Diet pills, weight loss supplements or slimming tablets, all basically another way of describing the same thing can be commuted into different groups or categories. The primary categories are ones that are available to buy (either online or from a chemist or pharmacy) and those can only be obtained via prescription

If you have a Body Mas Index (BMI) of around 30 (you can check your BMI in the right hand sidebar, but be honest with your measurements otherwise you will only be lying to yourself) you may be eligible for doctor prescribed diet drugs.

Some popular names of prescription drugs include: Phentermine (Duromine), Xenical and (Rimonabant since removed from the market).

Read more about prescription diet pills

Non Prescription Diet Pills

Non-prescription diet pills, also known as over the counter diet pills outnumber prescription only product vastly. Non-prescription products are usually more natural, less chemically formulated and less likely to cause side effects. They can also be purchased without doctor approval.

There are several distinct types of diet pills offering varying degrees of potential success. Here is a run donw the mosr common and popular categories

Fat Burners

Are not usually available via prescription and arguably the most common and popular genre. Fat burners have a reputation for either being very, very good or very very bad – a premier fat burner such as Capsiplex or Phen375 are in stark contrast to some of the lesser quality products in circulation.

Fat burners can increase the metabolic rate and help to burn calories efficiently while transferring fat cel around the body to areas where the fat cells can be converted into energy rather than just stay in storage – usually around the stomach, buttocks, upper arms and thighs

Read about Capsiplex and Phen375

Appetite Suppressants

Suppressing appetite is considered to be one of the most effective methods that effects long term weight loss. Industry experts are in almost total agreement that reducing the quantity of food that an over weight person eats will result in a natural, manageable and healthy reduction in weight body fat and overall body mass.

Cutting back on calories taken on over a period of time is a real scientifically studied and clinically researched procedure.

Reducing the amount of food eaten can be done without the need of any pill, tablet or supplement – it is willpower that is usually lacking and the biggest reason why diet fail. An appetite suppressant in the form of a pill, tablet or supplement can help to reduce hunger and improve chances of your diet succeeding immeasurably.

Fat Binders

Also included in this genre are fat blockers. These are classed as Fat Stoppers.  Fat blockers and fat binders are also considered to be at the premier end of effectiveness highlighted by the fact that one of the most widely prescribed diet pills a fat blocker.

Diet pills that prevent fat from being absorbed by the body are highlighted by products such as Alli Orlistat and Proactol Plus. Proactol Plus is of particular interest as it one of the long serving non-prescription diet pills in existence.  longevity breeds confidence.

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Carb Blockers

The carb blocker (or carbohydrate blocker) is another highly effective genre. If you find it difficult to give into culinary temptation then a carb blocker is the diet pill for you.

Some of the premier brands employ the use of more than one mechanic of action. Meratol for example is aggressively advertised both on and offline – and why not, there is no need to hide a light under a bushal with Meratol it has quite a compelling story to tell and is proving to be a massive success in Australia

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Buy Carb Block Australia

Carb Block Review 

For any occasion where you can not refuse a bagel, a lasagne or a pancake there is Carb Block, a “revolutionary” new supplement which can “block” carbohydrate calories from being digested into your body every day.

Once you shut the carbohydrates out, you do not have to be concerned about the “sugar rush” that normally follows a meal.

Apparently, you can still adhere to a low carbohydrate meal plan, and eat cake as well!

Carb Block shouldn’t be confused with any other similar sounding product that using the carb blocking mechanic of action.

Carb Block Claimed Benefits

The manufacturers of Carb Block claim that their product will stop sugar and carbs from being digested into your body, eradicating the surges of insulin which follow snacking and meals without concern.

What does this “revolutionary” supplement contain that will enable it to eliminate the requirement for restraint? The identical ingredients which are in dozens of other “carb blockers” available for sale today, under brands such as “Carb Zapper” or “Carb Cutter”.

The ingredients include: Phaseolin EX – also called Extract of White Kidney Beans, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Gymnemalin, Vanadium and Chromium. Phaseolin EX is meant to hinder the performance of the enzyme that controls the digestion of carbohydrates. Chromium and Gymnemalin work on the levels of insulin to lower blood sugar surges. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vanadium are meant to assist your body with regulating glucose.

The makers say that these ingredients make their product “comprehensive”, and allow you to cheat whilst adhering to your meal plan. The flaw in this claim is that no genuine clinical evidence is available to support it. Furthermore, there are virtually no positive customer testimonials on the web, and hardly any websites that sell Carb Block offer any sort of guarantee.

Carb Block Pros

  • Carb Block is cost-effective – sixty pills can be bought for $15.99
  • Carb Block has some healthy ingredients in it, like Magnesium and Chromium

Carb Block Cons

* There does not seem to be any metabolism boosters or appetite suppressants within the formula for Carb Block
* Carb Block is just a standard product attempting to appear “unique” and “new”
* The manufacturers do not provide refund guarantees or free trials
* There is no positive customer feedback in evidence for Carb Block

Carb Block Verdict

Losing weight is not straightforward. It would be fantastic if a formula existed which allowed you to cheat, without having to worry about excess gain. Unfortunately, there is no proof of this. Products such as Carb Block try to re-do the packaging on an already existing blend of ingredients, and name it “revolutionary”, in the hope that it will persuade some people to part with their money.

While the concept of carb blocking has some merit, you still have to buy a supplement which is supported by clinical data, and a supplement that the makers feel sufficiently confident about to provide you with a free trial or a refund guarantee. Remember, if a weight loss product sounds too good to be true, then it always is – no exceptions!

Where To Buy Carb Block In Australia

Not available to buy in store or over the counter in any Australian chemist, pharmacy or health supplement shop it would appear.

Recommended Carb Blockers

Meratol, a combination diet pill that is said to provide the following benefits

BURN BODY FAT – by raising thе metabolism
SUPPRESS APPETITE – by reducing fооd cravings
REDUCE CARB INTAKE – by up tо 80%

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