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Can I Buy Belviq Without Prescription

Belviq Diet Pill Australia, US, Canada and UK [updated August 2018]

Belviq is quite a unique introduction to the marketplace. It is the first diet pill to be approved by the FDA in 13 years and it is to be released not as an over the counter drug but as a prescription pill, which adds to its credibility.

Developed by San Diego based Arena Pharmaceuticals and marketed by Esai Inc, Belviq is a an effective combination of anti-obesity medication.

The FDA has further verified the effectiveness of the pill to treat overweight people who may have at least one serious or debilitating condition like cholesterol or blood sugar issues making it a safer option than its counterparts.

The media are hyping this product to the rafters by calling it the ‘holy grail of diet aids‘ – a phrase that has been countless times before on countless products.

Belviq is $248 (US price – differs for Australia, Canada and UK) per 60 tablets – it is available from certain pharmacies with a valid prescription.

You have to remember that Belviq – Lorcaserin is a drug – it is  a chemical substance and not without risk of side effects

Is Belviq any better than PhenQ ? Belviq is a chemical formula whereas PhenQ is made from natural ingredients and has longevity in the industry. It is also available to buy direct from the manufacturer. It is consderably cheaper and fully guaranteed and not prone to side effects.

Detailed reports of the clinical trial conducted by the Arena lab shows that around 50% of non-diabetics who took the pill lost at least 5% of their weight ( around 12 lbs average) compared to those taking a placebo.

The results are effective in 12 weeks’ time and if one still hasn’t lost weight during that time then they should stop taking the pill which is not meant for long term use.

Post launch clinical trials are still on at the Arena lab and we are still awaiting the information on its exact pricing.

What is Belviq

Belviq or Lorcaserin hydrochloride works primarily as an appetite suppressant and metabolic enhancer.

It works on the 5-HT2C serotonin receptors in the brain and slightly alters them so that the body feels less hunger pangs and as a result takes in lesser calories.

The serotonin released by the pill makes one feel fuller and boosts up the metabolism at the same time.

So you burn calories even faster. Selective application ensures that Belviq only targets the serotonin receptors that affect appetite and not the ones that affect the heart or other nerves.

Though serotonin is a known ingredient in anti-depressants, the makers of Belviq claim that it only targets the hunger receptors.

Patients with a BMI of 30 or more can take this pill. For best results it has to be combined with a healthy lifestyle which includes regular workouts and a balanced diet. Each pill is a 10 mg tablet which needs to be taken twice a day.

What Is In It

Loraserin Hydrochloride – It is a serotonin 2C receptor agonist for chronic weight management. Meant to be taken orally, Lorcaserin hydrochloride hemihydrate is a slightly white powder with high water solubility.

BELVIQ tablets singly contain crystalline lorcaserin hydrochloride hemihydrate along with inactive ingredients like: hydroxypropyl cellulose, silicified microcrystalline cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol USP, croscarmellose sodium NF, colloidal silicon dioxide, talc USP, polyethylene glycol NF, titanium dioxide USP, magnesium stearate NF, FD&C Blue #2 aluminum lake.

5-HTP is a building block of serotonin, so called the “happy” hormone. decreased levels of serotonin can result in mood swings and depression, migraines and even be a contributing factor to overeating. While anti-depressants work by keeping the serotonin your body produces “free” in your brain, 5-HTP can help your body produce MORE serotonin and in theory help keep your “free” levels higher.

Belviq Benefits

  • Great appetite suppressant
  • Boosts up metabolism
  • Helps you keep more active
  • Brings you back in shape faster
  • Delivers long term results

Belviq Side Effects

Slower heartbeat, mood swings, dizziness and nausea, headache and fatigue, dry mouth, constipation, hypoglycemia

Not meant for pregnant women or those who are planning for a baby.

Patients who suffer from serious health conditions like heart blocks and other cardiac problems, diabetes, kidney and liver problems should consult their physicians before taking this pill.

Can I Buy Belviq In Australia

Not for commercial sale – available only after doctor consultation and  via prescription.

Alternative Commercial Diet Pills

Order PhenQ in AUDArguably the most popular and effective genre of diet pills are those that are derived from a combination of pharmacy grade and natural ingredients

PhenQ is a prime example of this and is highly recommended. PhenQ is available without prescription now and one of best selling diet pills in the United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain

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