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Avesil Australia

Avesil Review Australia

The manufactures of Avesil are pretty keen to point out that you will experience rapid but safe weight loss by taking their product without lifting a finger which flies in the face with the usual industry stance of encouraging the participation of exercise to run alongside using a diet pill.

It’s makers are also keen to underline its legitimacy and substantiation by drawing attention to nearly 300 published studies that back up the claims of its effectiveness.

Additionally it is claimed you can lose up to 3 times more weight using Avesil than without.

What is Avesil And How Does It Work

Avesil is an over the counter commercial diet pill that includes the primary active ingredient Citrimax (AKA garcinia cambogia). Also present are natural substances such as green tea extract, chromium and caffeine. This combination is supposed to suppress your appetite, increase metabolism and act as a fat burner.

The official website advertises a free trial – we would recommend strongly that you do not sign up to this offer as there have numerous complaints from customer who were not happy with business practices employed by the manufacturers.

Avesil Feedback

The feedback from customers is not what you would call glowing both from a product perspective and customer service.

Does Avesil Cause Side Effects

Although the product contains only natural ingredients it is very much stimulant based, the manufacturer advises that users who have diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease or any form of dementia should not use unless under strict supervision from his or her doctor.

Garcinia cambogia has an association with increasing the symptoms of dementia and can also elevate blood sugar levels.

Does Avesil Work is It Recommended

Although the manufacturers draw attention to its many positives they fail to provide citations or any documentation for any of this evidence.

The ingredient list is nothing out of the ordinary and more compelling cases can be made form rival products.

Where To Buy Avesil In Australia

Purchases are restricted to the official website, there does not appear to be a pharmacy or chemist in Australia where Avesil can be bought over the counter.

As mentioned above there is a free offer – but we suggest you do not sign up as the “free offer’ is anything but free

Alternative Diet Pills

Products like Avesil claim to be multi function but succeed in diluting the effect. One product to counter this problem is the PhenQ.

PhenQ in AustraliaPhenQ is now available to Australian customers – a combination fat burner and appetite suppressant that is manufactured in FDA approved facilities and adherers to all necessary guidelines.

Highly regarded within the industry and by its worldwide customer base, PhenQ can boast more testimonials from real users than any other commercial diet pill we have ever reviewed. This alone is a major selling point.

Read the PhenQ Review


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