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Apidrex Australia

 Apidrex Review

Apidrex is a relatively new diet pill on the market that claims to help you lose more weight with moderate exercise. The product includes a wide range of ingredients that have been shown to help dieters in the past, but falls short in several areas.

The manufacturers claim that it can help control your appetite while raising your metabolism but provides little clinical or customer data to back up these claims.

The way the product is marketed and looks is extremely similar to several other commercial diet pills that have been introduced over the past few years.


The first ingredient the supplement contains is a green tea extract. This is available in a number of popular diet pills and can help you increase your metabolism while clearing your system of free radicals from your food.

On the surface this seems like a great benefit but the challenge is that for the green tea extract to have any effect on your system you need to be sure to take enough of it.

Apidrex doesn’t list the amount of each ingredient it contains so it’s hard to know if the recommended daily dose of the product includes a large enough quantity to help with your diet.

Possible Side Effects

The other issue that some people have with green tea extract is that it’s a stimulant that can make them jittery.

Other people with sensitive systems report that it affects their sleep and may cause headaches if taken on an empty stomach. While the majority of people may not have any side effects at all, it’s important to understand the risks involved with any dietary supplement you are considering.

Another popular ingredient in Apidrex is Chromax, which is known for both stabilizing blood glucose levels and helping you develop lean muscle when working out. By better regulating the glucose levels in your blood, Chromax can help eliminate your cravings for sweet food when you diet.

This is an important step in keeping you on your diet and will help you avoid the temptation to overeat at mealtimes. Developing lean muscle mass is equally important as well as reducing the amount of stored fat on your body. Chromax has been shown to assist with both of these goals in other diet products and should do the same in Apidrex.


The real concern with the product is the lack of clarity about its ingredients. Even though the supplements used in the product are clearly labeled, there are no quantities listed. Some of these ingredients are helpful in almost any quantity but others require a certain amount of the supplement to be used to get any benefit. Another challenge is the lack of clinical trials for the product.

Most other dietary supplements have some results from field tests posted on their website that can help you understand what to expect when using the product.

While Apidrex is backed by a large and reputable national supplement company, having these trials, or at least customer testimonials, would have been helpful. The benefits to this product sound great but without further details of what’s included in the product it’s hard to know if it may be right for your dieting needs.

Where To Buy Apidrex In Australia

The product is sold via GNC among other reputable retailers.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

There are several brands and genres that are given recommendation over and above. PhenQ is an effective fat burner and appetite suppressant. Proactol Plus, Capsiplex and Meratol all offer a high chance of weight loss success as well.

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