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Buy Apidextra In Australia

Apidextra Review

Apidextra is well publicised fat burner that is similar in name to several other commercial diet pills (Apidexin and Adapexin spring immediately to mind).

It is marketed as a multi purpose diet pill that utilises a mechanic of action of a fat burner and an appetite suppressant – it is also designed to help increase the metabolism.

The advertises also claim that the formula includes 8 clinically proven ingredients that can help you burn 5 times more calories, suppress appetite 3 times longer and increase metabolic activity by 237%

How Does Apidextra Work

Apidextra comprises of known substances that have a fat burning association such as Green Tea, Caffeine Anhydrous, Irvingia Gabonensis, and Fucoxanthin.

The formula also contains natural substances that can reduce and restrict hunger – Glucomannan and Ciccus Quadrangularis are thought to reduce the rate of gastric emptying so the body feels fuller for longer periods.

Reducing the speed in which the body processess and absorbs food can be effective as the stomach actually is fuller (therefore reaching satiety) for a greater period so less food is consumed, resulting in less fat intake.

Apidextra has Chromax Chromium and Super Citrimax present in the formula. Aside from also curbing cravings, these ingredients also block enzymes that convert carbohydrates into fat.

Does Apidextra Cause Side Effects

There should not be any cause for concern if taken as suggested by the manufacturers.

Where To Buy Apidextra In Australia

There does not appear to be a stockist offline, such as an Australian Pharmacy or chemist. Purchases seem to be restricted to the official website.

Alternative Diet Pills

PhenQ reviewsIt hard to look outside PhenQ, a dual action appetite suppressant and fat burner that is formulated to mimic the effect of the prescription only Phentermine.

PhenQ is the legal alternative to Phentermine and manufactured in FDA registered facilities. It is also available to buy without prescription.

Read more about PhenQ here


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