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Adepix Review

Adepix Australia

Adepix is a dietary pill that has a proprietary blend designed to harness the power of African mangos. Marketed primarily as a weight loss aid based on African Mangos, this product highlights the scientific research relating to this ingredient, in the hope that this will persuade you to sample it.

The manufacturers say that Adepix will enable you to shed fat, obtain a thinner waist and reduce your cholesterol, whilst levelling off your levels of blood glucose. It claims that it will do all of this in just 4 weeks.

African mangos are a good ingredient, but are they included correctly in the product and used with other complementary ingredients to help you slim down?

African Mango has been highlighted in the worlds press as one of the most beneficial natural diet and health supplements. Famed TV celebrity Doctor, Dr OZ even went as far as to proclaim it as the miracle in your medicine cabinet

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Product Ingredients

Adepix uses a proprietary blend, combining 5 ingredients, which will enable you to reach your fat loss targets. This is what the ingredients do once they are in the body:

  • African Mango – Undoubtedly the Adepix flagship ingredient, African mango has been recommended by the television celebrity Doctor Oz, and scientific research has shown a reduction in the waistlines of participants by 2 inches in 4 weeks. Also, the same participants lost 8.9 pounds, on average, during the study.
  • Phenylethylamine – This mixture of methylexamamine X and pheylethylamine HCL helps to enhance both energy levels and mood. It even quells hunger cravings and, because it is free from stimulants, it has been utilised as a safe substitute for phentermine.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – This traditional fat burner is frequently included in fat loss supplements to boost energy and stimulate thermogenic calorie burning. As with African mango, it is supported by numerous clinical trials that indicate a positive effect on stamina and weight loss.
  • Hops – This plant utilised to brew beer was also discovered, in a 2005 study in Japan, to halt weight gain in rodents after they were given a diet high in fat.
  • Olea Europaea, Alchemilla Vulgaris, Mentha Longifolia and Cuminum Cyminum – Separately, none of these components have been shown to produce weight loss. But together, these plant extracts stimulate substantial weight reduction in a stimulant free fashion.

Potential Side Effects

Due to the mild ingredients used in Adipex, there are not many associated side-effects. Nonetheless, caffeine has been known to cause nervousness and jitters, which could result in irritability, an irregular heartbeat and insomnia. Although it is not possible to gauge the quantity of caffeine in Adepix, with 6 additional ingredients, it is probably not sufficient to cause any severe side-effects.

African mango in its pure form has not been linked to any harmful side effects.


PhenQ in AustraliaWith an affordable price and a 90 day refund guarantee, Adepix represents a reasonable choice for anyone wanting to slim down without using stimulants.

The presence of African mango is reassuring, and the additional ingredients have also been proven to work. However our preference is for PhenQ – a multi action fat burner that is one of the most popular choices in the US and Australia.

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