What Is The Pina Colada Diet Plan

Will the Pina Colada Diet Plan result in healthy weight loss?

The Pina Colada Diet PlanTropical fruit is really yummy – what would you say if you heard that eating these fruits and drinking tasty, healthy shakes could help you lose significant amounts of weight?

The Pina Colada Diet Plan makes exactly this claim. It’s certainly attracting a lot of attention and getting a lot of exposure. Does it really work? More importantly, is it a healthy solution?

No. You aren’t going to be drinking cocktails, but you are going to be eating lots and lots of tropical fruits, drinking protein shakes as meal replacements and eating a number of other healthy foods. The plan involves the use of a weight-loss supplement and prescribes regular exercise. A fairly rigorous diet and daily schedule is prescribed. Here are the broad outlines.

Water that has been frozen and then allowed to melt is drunk on waking up in the morning. The melting and thawing process is supposed to remove harmful salts from the water whilst preserving minerals that will be good for you.

Thereafter, a meal plan that focuses on Vitamin C is followed. One or more meals can be substituted with proprietary brand protein shakes, but the menu actually sounds quite nice and includes such dishes as boiled eggs and spinach for breakfast, a stir fry of turkey and veg as a lunch and butternut with zucchini.

Now here’s where the pina colada comes in: the re:Active Skinny meal replacement shake is a powder that you mix with water and have instead of a meal. You guessed it: it comes in pina colada flavour.

You’re also going to be using garcinia in the form of Re:Active Garcinia Cambogia supplements. Garcinia is a much-endorsed appetite suppressant that has the additional benefits of decreasing fat production, raising energy levels and boosting serotonin levels which has a positive influence your mood. Being hungry and irritable are problems for many dieters, so using a garcinia based product will definitely make you more comfortable. Read more about Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

Pina Colad Diet Plan from Desireable Body

You can expect to pay $66.50 for a month’s supply of shakes, garcinia capsules and the diet and exercise plan that goes with the pina colada diet.

The Pros of the Pina Colada Diet Plan

The designers of this plan have taken a holistic approach. They’re not claiming that any one element (Specifically their product) is responsible for weight loss. Instead, they’re advocating a healthy, low-fat diet and regular exercise that’s applied in conjunction with products that will make it a lot easier to stick to the plan.

The products themselves are harmless at worst and are effective aids to weight loss when used properly. The shakes are nutritious and easy to make and garcinia is used in many weight loss supplements precisely because it is an effective ingredient with lots of research to back it up. In fact, Doctor Oz is often quoted as having said that garcinia is the ‘Holy Grail of weight loss.’ And Oprah Winfrey was a staunch supporter of this natural product as a dieting aid.

If you follow the diet and get the recommended exercise, you’d lose weight anyway, but the garcinia helps to suppress your appetite and the protein shakes give you nutrition without a lot of carbs.

The meal replacement shake doesn’t taste too bad. Although it isn’t much like the real pina colada, it’s still quite tasty and not too much of a chore to drink.

The Cons of the Pina Colada Diet Plan

It’s a low calorie diet. Some people, particularly those with specific medical conditions, may need a more substantial diet. If you’re concerned about this or suffer from any chronic ailment, you should talk to your doctor before attempting a diet such as this one.

You’re definitely looking at some lifestyle changes and diet changes. Although this is probably a realistic approach, you need to be certain that you’re ready for a fairly strict regimen before you try it.

It looks a bit expensive. Then again, it includes two products, a diet plan and an exercise plan and everything looks pretty healthy.

Should You Try the Pina Colada Diet Plan?

Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extra AustraliaFor once, everything seems to check out. The logic behind the program is flawless: healthy diet, regular exercise and a couple of items to help you along. The diet is well balanced so that you don’t have to fear deficiencies and neither of the products you’ll be using have negative side-effects. As long as you’re ready to follow the program strictly, you can be sure of effective and healthy weight loss. It could be argued that you will gain just as much benefit from using a high strength garcinia cambogia tablet and embarking on a rather less complex diet.

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