Saba Ace Review

SABA ACE Appetite Suppressant Review

saba ace diet pillsACE diet pills are sold on their ability to provide healthy weight loss and their name has been cleverly chosen to spell out their strong points: Appetite Control and Energy. Other promised benefits include:


It all sounds very impressive, but when it boils right down to it, ACE diet pills are just appetite suppressants and many experts agree that appetite suppression alone is not enough to facilitate weight loss.

The pills are marketed by SABA, but it is not clear whether they are the manufacturers or if they just buy the pills and sell them on. Two very different blends appear to be available though, both of them hiding behind the same label and using identical marketing information, so this might indicate ACE is a private label product.

SABA does not appear to have an official web presence, but they run a lucrative affiliate program. This has resulted in a profusion of affiliate run SABA websites, and the SABA Facebook page also appears to be an affiliate creation. None of this endears the product because affiliates design their sites to maximize personal profits and often have little or no knowledge about the products they are promoting.

How Do ACE Diet Pills Help Weight Loss?

Appetite suppressant diet pillsACE is designed to suppress the appetite and reduce the intake of calories, but, as stated earlier in this review, this alone is usually not enough to ensure effective weight loss. It is also the reason why many weight loss blends contain ingredients that stimulate the metabolism and offer fat burning benefits.

That is not to say that appetite suppression has no value, but, for any level of success, some form of calorie-burning aerobic activity would be necessary to pick up the slack and burn off a few pounds. None of the SABA affiliate websites mention any of this. Nor do they provide any usage instructions.

What Do They Contain

As already mentioned, there are two blends on the market, and a few of the ingredients look promising, but many inclusion rates are missing, so it is hard to judge the merits of the blends—or the possibility/severity of side effects.

Blend A
Vitamin B6 (8mg)
Chromium (240 mcg)
Caffeine (180 mg)
Vanadium (20 mcg)
Proprietary blend 780 mg)

As you can see the main ingredient is a proprietary blend. Inclusion rates are unknown, but the blend contains:

Cocoa powder
Green tea
1.3-dimethylamine HCI
Trace mineral complex.
Blend B:
Green Coffee Bean
Saffron Extract
Konjac Root Extract
Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Customer Feedback

The SABA affiliate websites rely on positive testimonials as a main selling point for the product, but testimonials from such a financially biased source have little credibility. Many of the before and after pictures show signs or doctoring, and it could be argued that one dieter’s bulky look could be attributed more to pillow stuffing than obesity.

Independent reviews are mixed and a number of ACE diet pill users state the pills do not work:

” I tried ACE for 1 month. I did not lose 1 pound or 1 inch. I felt like I was crashing by mid-day so I would take another to get me through the work day. By the time I got home all I wanted to do was pile up on the couch and sleep.”

Side Effects and Health Issues

Side effects are not mentioned on any of the affiliate websites, but some of the ingredients are known to be problematic. An oversight like this is unforgivable and some customers have already reported negative reactions to the formulation:

“I too took SABA for several weeks and my hair completely thinned so much so that my scalp was showing. I stopped taking the SABA and now it is back to normal.”  

I am seeing that it is not working for me either and have been trying to cancel my subscription but can’t seem to get anyone on the phone with these long wait times.. Still trying to cancel, as I am on the phone on hold with them once again”

Several customers also state the pill caused their hearts to race;  so  issues exist, whether the affiliate sellers wish to acknowledge them or not. Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised not to use ACE diet pills, and all other users are urged to seek medical advice before use.

Do We Recommend SABA Ace

ACE diet pills have not been tested and no information is provided to back up any claims made, and, in all probability, the pills will offer little benefit to the majority of users. The fact that the pills come from such an elusive source is also a cause for concern, and it is always worrying when the main marketing force behind a product relies on affiliate partnerhips. None of this looks good, but other factors are just as worrying:

  1. Blend confusion
  2. No inclusion rates
  3. May cause side effects
  4. Questionable on-site testimonials
ACE diet pills are not a recommended product. Many better options are available.

What Recommended Alternatives Are Available

Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extra AustraliaThe two ingredients that are most of interest are raspberry ketone and garcinia cambogia – two proven natural fat burners without side effects that can also prevent the production of additional fat cells.

Garcinia Extra is a premium commercial diet pill that contains both ingredients. It is available to buy direct from the official website and ship to most countries including Australia

More about Garcinia Extra here

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Full & Slim Review

Full & Slim Diet Drink – Does It Really Work

Diet drink A new diet drink has just been announced for 2014 – Full & Slim. British tabloid, the Daily Mail was first off the blocks closely followed by SlimmersWeekly to feature articles about the new glucomannan based diet drink.

Full & Slim, according to its manufacturers can have the same effect as a gastric band and help its users to lose up to a stone (just over 6kg) in a month.

The ingredients contained in the drink: Glucomannan and L-carnitine are proficient at helping to lower cholesterol, absorb a portion of dietary fat and more importantly suppress appetite. It is Glucomannan that is the more interesting of the two ingredients.

Glucomannan is more commonly known as Konjac root and is found in some already existing diet products. It is completely natural and grown freely in various parts of the world – it is an excellent appetite suppressant. When Glucomannan comes in contact water it expands. When used in a diet product this expansion causes a feeling of satiety meaning the users feels full and are less likely to take on more calories.

in our opinion the 5:2 Fast Formula outperforms Full & Slimread more

According to the people behind Slim & Fast – 500 subjects participated in a trial. They drank the diet drink before each meal. The results were very encouraging with 7 out of 10 losing a stone (6.3kg) or more in just over a month and a half – Glucomannan was the main contributing factor.

The makes are also keen to point that ‘users who simply took the drink, without dieting or completing any exercise, lost up to 3lbs a week.’

Where To Buy Full & Slim

Full and Slim is not available yet, when it become available we will publish a list of stockists and the various best priced deals the moment it is on the market. We are hopeful of some exclusive pre-launch special offers – So bookmark this webpage.

52 diet pill Although there is a lot of media attention surrounding Full & Slim, the product is anything but new. The 5:2 Fast Formula was released last year and is one of the best selling and most popular commercial diet products in the UK, Australia, Unites States and Canada.

The 5:2 Fast Formula also uses Glucomannan as well as some other essential minerals and vitamins – it is also available to buy right now.

In our opinion the 5:2 Fast formula is better diet product

Click here to read more about the 5:2 Fast Formula

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