DietSpotlight Burn Review with Positives and Negatives

DietSpotlight Burn Review

DietSpotlight Burn AustraliaDietSpotlight Burn appears to be a re-branded version of Leptigen brought to market by DietSpotlight. The company first started marketing Leptigen in 2015. They began distributing the same formulation under the Burn label early on in 2017 and continue to market both products.

DietSpotlight have created websites for both products and both of them are are distributed in bottles that contain a 30-day supply of pills and cost $95.90 per pop.

It’s unclear why the company decided to offer an alternate version of their product, but we found several customer complaints that reveal the company used to have a free trial offer that lead people to believe they had been scammed when they subsequently found their cards had been hit with the full price of the pills.

The free trial is no longer offered, but it’s possible sales are still effected from the bad press Leptigen has received in the past. At the time of this review Burn was backed by a 120-day money back guarantee. That’s exceptional, but the pills are so expensive, and offer such limited capabilities, Burn is unlikely to become one of the more popular diet pill products.

How Does DietSpotlight Burn Work

The label lists three benefits:

  • Extra energy
  • Fat burning
  • Weight loss

DietSpotlight Burn used to be available via Amazon and the Amazon sales page states the pills suppress the appetite as well, but this is not mentioned on the official website and the formulation does not contain any ingredients that have proven to be effective for hunger control.

Ingredient Profile

Each Burn capsule provides:

  • Meratrim (400mg)
  • Green Tea Extract (200mg)
  • Natural Caffeine USP (75mg)
  • ChroMate: (100mcg)

DietSpotlight Burn Potential

mangosteenThe main ingredient is clearly Meratrim, but it lacks the proven potential of the other ingredients it shares capsule space with. It’s a patented ingredient that contains unspecified amounts of East Indian Globe Thistle (sphaeranthus indicus) and mangosteen (g. mangostana).

DietSpotlight are keen to point out the ingredient’s value as a weight loss provider was put to the test by researchers at the University of California, but the study in question was set up in a way that made weight loss inevitable without the need for supplements.

All 100 study participants lost weight, but they had to commit to a diet that only provided 2000 calories per day.

This is enough to for an average woman to maintain her normal weight and is 500 calories less than an average man needs so the male participants would likely lose weight without the need for exercise. However, all the participants also had to walk for 30 minutes per day.

This would cause an increased calorie burn that would also push the female participants into a calorie deficit state that would require fat burning.

However, green tea is a proven fat burner, as is caffeine, and ChroMate is a chromium provider that has the ability to prevent post-meal insulin and sugar level spikes that may trigger a desire for sweet food.

Dosage and Other Usage Considerations – One capsule is needed two times per day and should be taken 30 minutes before food. Best results require the capsules be used alongside diet and exercise and the manufacturer suggests drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.

Burn is unsuitable for people who are under 18 years of age. Nor is it a good option for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. People who are taking medication, or have health issues that require a doctor’s care, should seek medical advice before using any brand of weight loss supplement.

Customer Testimonials of DietSpotlight Burn

Although there is plenty of customer feedback offered on the official website, it is all positive, and we feel it may have been hand picked. Feedback left at less biased sites is not always so praising.

A few randomly-selected customer comments read:

“I had to stop taking these pills because they gave me horrible headaches.”

“Lost a ton of weight using these pills with diet and exercise.”

“Does not suppress hunger, and has not burned any fat.” 

“I like the way this product gives me energy but doesn’t give me jitters. Seems to be helping me to burn fat as well.”

“Not a good product. Does not work and is not worth the money.”

Potential Side Effects of DietSpotlight Burn

DietSpotlight say some users may find the pills cause them to have a rapid heartbeat and/or headaches. Anyone who experiences negative reactions such as these is advised to cease supplementation.

The Final Evaluation

We cannot say for certain that this product will not work because it contains three very good diet pill ingredients.

The value of the main ingredient (Meratrim) is disputable, but some people appear to have lost weight using DietSpotlight Burn.

However, we have to ask ourselves if the weight loss was more attributable to other factors (diet and exercise).

Certainly the product has already let some users down. There’s a money back guarantee available, but this still an extremely expensive product that does not offer the same levels of support as the top diet pill brands, all of which are much cheaper and have better customer reviews.

Recommended Alternative

Order PhenQ in AUDWe we suggest opting for a product as PhenQ – it is a multiple benefit weight loss product with lots of clinical data and research attached to it.

PhenQ is arguably the most popular diet pill for the US, Australia and mainland Europe.

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Slimming Patches – How They Work, Best Slimming Patches

Slimming Patches – Can You Lose Weight 

Slimming PatchScientists in Singapore have developed a skin patch that has the potential to help people to lose weight by causing white body fat to become brown body fat. If you didn’t know there were two types of body fat, don’t worry. Most people don’t.

White fat is the type of fat that is formed when the body receives too many calories, and its presence around the belly area brings with it an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Brown fat is a calorie burning fat, so it often called “good fat”, but the bad thing is most of use are not carrying much of it around.

The idea of converting white fat to brown fat has fascinated scientists for a long time and tests conducted on laboratory mice suggest researchers at Nanyang Technological University may have finally made the dream a reality.

They have achieved this by developing a special skin patch that contains hundreds of micro-needles that become embedded in the skin and penetrate the white fat tissue. As the micro-needles degrade they release drugs that cause the white fat to start turning brown.

Click here to read about the Slim Diet Patch – Australia’s favourite slimming patch

Woman fatWhen the researchers tested the patch on mice that were being fed a high fat diet, they found it suppressed weight gain and reduced fat mass by more than 30%.

Does this mean a new mini-needle slimming patch is likely to become available soon? Unfortunately not. The patches have never been tested on humans. The only thing that is certain is they appear to work for mice.

News about new slimming patches always grabs a lot of attention because people like the idea of a weight loss product that can be applied to the skin and then left to get on with its work. It’s quick and easy and, in today’s increasingly hectic world, a no fuss option like that has a lot of appeal.

However, it’s hard to understand why the researchers chose to use such an invasive type of patch technology. The idea of 100s of micro-needles degrading in their flesh could put a lot of people off and there does not appear to be a good reason to go this route.

slimming patchSlimming patches normally deliver their ingredients via a process called skin absorption. It’s the same process that nicotine replacement patches employ. Even the morphine patches doctors sometimes prescribe for extreme pain relief deliver the drug to the body via skin absorption and it’s a very effective way to do so.

Skin absorption can be a particularly good delivery technique for weight loss formulas because the active ingredients are absorbed into the body over a prolonged period of time and can retain over 90% of their potency. It’s a different matter entirely with diet pills. When pills are swallowed the active ingredients are subjected to harsh digestive enzymes that can rob them off their power and two or more doses are required every day.

The fact that slimming patches are becoming so popular is probably only partly due to how efficient and effective they are, people are also attracted to them because they are so easy to use.

There’s no need to time their use to within so many minutes of a meal or take them at certain time, slimming patches are “plug and play” weight loss supplement.

All you have to do is apply them to a clean area of skin and you are good to go. They are also a perfect choice for anyone who finds it difficult to swallow pills.

The main reason the scientists Nanyang Technological University decided to develop their multi-needle patch was because they needed a better delivery system.

Previous studies, involving a thyroid hormone (T3 triiodothyronine) and a Beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonist had shown it was possible to get white fat to turn brown, but potentially serious side effects were possible when they were consumed in pill form.

Patch technology made it possible to get good results using lower doses and there were no side effects. Multi-needle patch technology is unlikely to be more efficient than skin delivery patches, though, and will almost certainly prove to be more expensive.

The researchers estimate the cost of producing a single patch would be $2.60. Patches that utilize skin absorption can be produced much cheaper that this and the elevated costs involved with producing a patch full of needles are bound to be passed on to the consumer.

What are the best slimming patches to buy in Australia

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