SlimQuick Razor Australia

SlimQuick Razor Review Australia

SlimQuick Razor is one several diet pills under the SlimQuick banner – it very much caters for an American customer but does ship to Australia.

The official website suggests it is “America’s Strongest Female Fat Burner” but does not elaborate on exactly who has bestowed this title.

It is also suggested that you can burn upto 25lbs.

The marketing angle of targeting expressly for women is a strange one as there is nothing present in the formula that is gender specific that would prevent male use.

How Does It Work

The ingredients are made up of largely natural ingredients such as Green Tea, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Fucoxanthin, Gugglesterones and Grape Extract.

The formula works by increasing the metabolism in attempt to raise the body temperature and burn excess body fat.

Unfortunately, Slimquick Razor’s ingredients are diluted and comprise of a mere 269 mg proprietary blend.

SlimQuick Razor Side Effects

Although nothing of any great magnitude has been documented or reported, some users have had some minor complaints. Due to a high caffeine content side effects such insomnia, anxiety and a jittery feeling may be experienced.

If you are pregnant, nursing a child or have any existing health condition you should avoid unless told otherwise by your doctor or physician.

Does SlimQuick Razor Work Is It Recommended

Although the product hails from a reputable yard it is hard to give even a luke warm recommendation in light of some of the products it competes against.

While SlimQuick Razor marketing is very aggressive it fails to substantiate some of the claims made and falls into hype over substance scenario that so many diet products seem to suffer from.

Where To Buy SlimQuick Razor In Australia

Purchasing opportunities appear to be restricted to the official website. Chemists and pharmacies in Australia (Pharmacy 4 Less, Blooms, Chemist Warehouse/My Chemist and Capital Chemist) are unlikely to stock.

Other Fat Burners To Consider

PhenQ in AustraliaPhenQ is a fat burner and appetite suppressant that is based on the diet drug Phentermine – it has been synthetically produced using natural ingredients.

PhenQ is manufactured in FDA registered facilities and has all necessary accreditation and certificates.

If you are planning to use a fat burner give PhenQ serious consideration.

Read more on PhenQ here


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Slim Weight Patch Australia

SlimWeight Patch Review

Slim Diet patchSlimming patches or diet patches are an ideal alternative to orally introduced diet pills or slimming capsules – they are perfect for dieters that struggle to swallow pills for whatever reason and offer a different method of taking the same or similar medication.

The Slim Weight Patch is largely thought of to be the easiest to use and most effective of the current batch of diet patch products in circulation. Imitation is the best form of flattery and several competitive product have been introduced recently have certainly flattered the Slim Weight Patch.

The Slim Weight Patch has now been rebranded as the Slim Diet Patch – the ingredient profile is much the same. It is now available from the manufacturers webstore – Bauer Nutrition

Click here to view pricing and special offers

What Are The Benefits Of The SlimWeight Patch

  • Gradual and safe weight loss over time – 2-4lbs per week
  • Helps to burn fat by raising metabolism
  • Suppress appetite and helps to reduce food portions
  • Helps to reduce cravings for carb rich foods
  • 180 day full money back guarantee
  • Safe to use and has no known side effects

How Does The Slim Weight Patch Work

The Slim Weight Patch is a premier diet patch product that introduces the ingredients directly into your blood stream bypassing the need to first travel via the stomach.

Some diet pills or slimming capsules can lose their benefit when this process happens as the acids in your stomach can break down the ingredient before they have chance to take effect.

Slim Diet Patch Australia

This process (delivery method) is called trans-dermal delivery which means through the skin. Trans-dermal delivery is not new it is used very successfully in the tobacco cessation industry (stop smoking patch).

The patch is simply applied to the upper arm and replaced every 24 hours. The ingredients are time released and work constantly throughout the day and night.

Potential Side Effects

Free from side effects and non addictive. It should be stressed that pregnant or nursing mothers should not use unless advised otherwise by their GP or doctor.

Is Slim Weight Patch Recommended

If you are considering using a a diet product – the Slim Weight Patch is definitely one for the short list.

Where To Buy Slim Weight Patch In Australia

Slim Diet patchOrders are restricted to the official website but shipped worldwide including Australia.

All purchases are covered by a 60 day guarantee – if you feel you are not benefitting within this timeframe you are entitled to a refund.

View special pricing from official stockists


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